Chicken is one the best foods to start your pet on raw. It's easy to digest and easy to find. You don't need to feed organs the first week, but bone is a must. Choose a meaty chicken leg at the grocery store and watch your pet enjoy his meal!!

Or we make it easy and have fresh ground chicken ready to feed!

  • Whole Chicken (Ground)
  • Beef (ground)
  • Pork (Ground)
  • Tripe & Organs
  • Veggie Blend
  • Coconut oil & More

Certified in Dog & Cat nutrition, I also feed my own dogs the premium mix raw dog food, whole chicken and whole rabbit for dogs and have been for since 2013. I breed Boxers & English Bulldogs and I also board dogs, so I have fed over 100 dogs and have seen amazing results.

Custom orders? Absolutely!!

Want to place a custom raw pet food order? No Problem! Goat, Lamb, Deer, Buffalo, Fish and more.....

We are here to help you get started or just to make your life easier by getting mixes that are ready to feed.

Want to learn more about raw food diet for pets?

There are lots of books to read and websites to check out.

Books - Raw Dog Food  * Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs

Website - Raw Fed Dogs

One thing to remember.... You must feed a balanced raw diet filled with a variety of meats for your dog or cat to benefit from this diet, just like us our pets need variety!

Did you ever wonder what dogs & cats ate before humans made kibble?

They ate table scraps and hunted for wild game.

Today thousands of Dogs & Cats are having severe health issues from eating man made dry kibble and canned food.

Worms and parasites are also a huge problem as our pets simply don't have the immunity to fight them off.

Cancer is taking our beloved pets at young ages.

Give your pet the food they need, a balanced raw diet of fresh raw meat and vegetables.

This mix has all the ingredients your dog needs for long term.

Treats are dried so there is no mess in your pockets. Perfect for training

A few Pics of my raw fed pups

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