What We Do....

BJ's Raw Pet Food LLC provides a full service of Raw Pet food. You tell us what you have in mind and we carefully choose, butcher, package, Freeze and deliver to your door or you may choose from our pre-made mixes.

We are Blessed to have many pasture raised animals to choose from, which supplies our pets with the natural Vitamin D they so desperately need.

All Healthy animals needs raw fresh food, and that's why whenever possible we choose pastured animals for our dog and cat food.

Choose from Beef, Deer, Goat, Lamb, Rabbit, Turkey, & chicken. Sometimes we also have Buffalo & Elk available.

Want something I don't have listed? Let us know and we will be happy to see if we can get it.

Feed a whole prey diet? We can skin or de-feather for you... freeze whole so it will be a cinch to grab and feed.

Want chunks? We can do 8in bones with meat... which is perfect for dogs to chew on for hours... we can also do bite size chunks of meat. Freeze in the sizes you need.

Want simple? We do ground.. plain, or mixed to your specs and frozen in your desired size.

Veggies? We sure can add veggies!!

If your close to us you can save money and come pick up your order up.

If not; we can ship... we ship in boxes with insulation to keep your food frozen if at all possible.

As soon as it arrives... place in your freezer or refriderator to keep cold. Our food stays fresh up to 6 months in the freezer.

Send us pics of your pet enjoying his/her food!!

That makes all the work worthwhile!


Over the years, BJ's Raw Pet Food LLC has worked hard on creating a food that most dogs love and helps them do well long term. Our Basic & Premium mix does just that! It has 3 delicious meats, plus organs and Tripe. The Premium also has a few Veggies/Herbs for nutrition and coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar, raw garlic, Rosemary and cranberries.

Give it a try today :)