After years raising Boxer & Bulldog Puppies the dog food we always fed got discontinued, we tried several brands and just didn't find one we liked, we heard about feeding a raw diet and I did some serious research on it. Finally in June of 2013 I started feeding raw and didn't look back. We seen so many great changes almost immediatley! Willie (BUlldog) was 7 and he was so lazy that he hardly played at all anymore... but after eating raw for a couple weeks he became very active and playful once again. Piper (Boxer)had mild allergies that went away. All my dog's coats are soft and shiny. Boxer puppies often had heart murmurs... but they rarely do any more. Parasites are much easier to control now. There is no waste now... The dogs enjoy their meals immensely!

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* I noticed a change in my Bulldogs Rough coat within weeks of changing to BJ's Raw Pet Food! Her coat is now soft and shiny.  L.N.


* I bred my Bulldog 4 times, did progesterone testing and checked the male's semen with no puppies. Put her on BJ's Raw Pet food for 4 months and tried 1 last time... She is pregnant!! J.S.


* My Boxer had a patch of hair missing for 6 months, I tried numerous supplements and creams and nothing helped. Switched him to BJ's Raw Pet food and in 3 weeks you could see a fine new growth of hair. With a month you could hardly see where it had been! Love your food! B.J