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BJ’s Raw Pet Food members come for many reasons. Some come with a sick dog and are desperate for answers, others heard about Raw Pet food and wanted to give it a try. Here we give you our members experiences in their own words!

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Reviews From Real People

The Best Food Possible

We love having our fur kids on the best food possible. We’ve been feeding Bj’s Raw food for about 2 years now and they’re health is amazing. Everything about them is positive.Thank you for helping us have healthy kids.

The World Proclaimed Chic Choix

The World Proclaimed Chic Choix Lhasa Apso Show Kennel exclusively uses and recommends BJs Raw Pet Food as the food of choice for dogs and puppies. Fed exclusively to all our award winning show dogs, moms, and pups, the quality and  consistency of BJs Raw Pet food is second to none.  From growing beautiful show coats, to preserving health and promoting function, Chic Choix Kennel is proud to be a partner with BJs raw pet food, and recommends it for pets and show dogs alike.

Harbor (2 1/2 year old

Harbor (2 1/2 year old female boxer from BJsFarm) has been on BJsRawPetFood her whole life! We wouldn’t have it any other way! She is a happy, healthy and full of good energy girl!

Raw Feeding 20 Years

I have been raw feeding for 20 years, but only recently started using BJ’s foods. Their meats are very good quality, usually grass fed, and have no antibiotics or hormones. They have a great line of organ meats that are hard to get elsewhere. I feel confident that my dog is eating safe, nutritious raw food.

Beautiful Coat

Beautiful coat. More energy. Less runny poops.

My dog is enjoying the

My dog is enjoying the premium mix. After a few days of irregular bowel movements he settled in and everything is normal. He was scratching a lot prior to eating the Raw food and that has stopped now. His coat noticeably softer. Looking forward to ordering another batch from you.

We Love Raw

We love raw.

September 12, 2019. Just received

September 12, 2019. Just received product yesterday. Though delivered to South Florida in 90 degree + weather, it was still frozen solid. The food smells wonderfully fresh and all 11 of my dogs loved it. Too early to see any benefits, but my crew has been eating raw for almost a year now. I love the fact that it is all ground in together. (Something I couldn’t do at home). Even the picky one, who pulls the organ meat out and refuses to eat it, ate the entire bowl. I will definitely be ordering more in the larger bulk sized containers. All my dogs live peacefully around chickens, ducks and goats. Raw diet doesn’t make them blood thirsty like some people believe. Dogs are meant to eat raw natural foods. Please don’t hesitate to make the switch. Thank you for the complete diet for my family!

Our frenchie is healthy, has

Our frenchie is healthy, has a shiny coat, no health issues, clean teeth and is not full of toots – ha! We love feeding raw and the convenience of BJs has made it easier than not. I recommend your products to all my fur family’s!

Thank you BJ’s for providing

Thank you BJ’s for providing a fresh, healthy ,dependable and local source for raw diet for my Labrador’s!! I have been feeding raw for many years and am so very happy to have you to take all the guess work out of appropriate blends and protein variety all in one wonderful shop! Mys Blue is a 16 year old retired Search and Rescue dog and my new puppy, Avalon, is 8 months old and currently in rally training. Eyes are bright, coats are luxurious, energy is great( my 16 year old still takes walks!) and poops are small and well formed! Can’t recommend BJ’s Raw enough!!
Bren Richards

Tami Serrano

Just want to say that Brenda and bjsrawpetfood have been beyond amazing, from the help with ordering to adjusting and expediting… over the top!

Very personable and professional! Thanx from my pups….

So glad I found you!

Just to let you know that Butch and Cassidy’s food arrived this afternoon. Thank you so much for the adorable, cuddly toy you included. The boys love it. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year. So glad I found you.
Only wish I had done so years earlier.
Nancy, Ryan, Butch & Cassidy.

Dog Food Testimonial

My Great Dane Loves BJ’s

My great dane puppy loves Bj’s raw pet food. He is getting so big and is very healthy. I would recommend Bj’s pet food to anyone out there. Raw is the way to go!


We started our adult American

We started our adult American Bulldog on Ground Calf Mix about five months ago and never changed it since he loves it! His extreme skin allergies and his anxiety have gotten almost fully under control. Meat from the previous raw meat supplier we were using did not have such an impact on our boy’s health. All the compliments to the re- delivery job to make everything work perfect, while Fedex was doing a poorly. Thank you Brenda and Chris.

Hello and Happy Easter!

We’re excited for Driggs’ next order of pet food. He’s doing just great with it – even better than I expected. He’s no longer a bag of bones and his muscles are getting sleek and well defined. His eyes and coat are bright and beautiful. Best of all, he’s even more full of energy and we’re able to focus him faster to play and exercise. BJ’s Premium is like brain food for dogs!

Kindest regards,

So Glad We Found BJ’s

Raw food is the only thing your dog should eat. We recently moved to PA from NJ and were looking for a company that made raw dog food. So glad we found BJs. When he was 1 and started having epileptic seizures we switched to raw hoping that a good raw diet would keep him healthy. It certainly has. We received our first order which we are adding to the raw food we currently have from Goffle Poultry in NJ. Our dog absolutely loves it. He is 7 years old and has no tarter on his teeth in addition to all the other benefits that he gets from raw food. BJs delivery is quick and the food is packed in an insulated box with ice packs so there is no chance it can defrost on its way to your home. I will continue to feed my dog and any future dogs I have with BJs raw food. I recommend it to every pet parent.

Amazed at the changes

I want to tell you that I have now been feeding your Raw exclusively for almost 3 months to my 2 Golden Retrievers. They seemed in great shape before I started the Raw except my older girl was a bit heavy.

But I have been really amazed at the changes. First my older girl, Gracie has lost 12 lbs! And she has not seemed hungry at all. Both girl’s coats are now so glossy they seem to glow! Of course poop is smaller and less frequent!

They love it. I feed 8oz each 3x a day and I weigh each feeding. I do give supplements but I was giving those before.

I am very pleased with your food and how my dogs are responding to it!

Just Finished Transitioning From Kibble to BJ’s Raw!

I have just finished transitioning my 8 month old doberman from kibble and canned to BJ’s raw. I did it gradually as I learned about feeding raw and became more confident that this was the right thing to do for my dog. I’m glad I did. He is thriving and has such a shiny coat which I believe is a good indicator of health. I’m hoping that he will not have seasonal allergies as my other dog did. Time will tell. I am pleased with the deliveries that I have had so far. I have been giving both the beef mix and the turkey mix and he enthusiastically enjoys them both. The deliveries arrive in a timely manner and are well packed. I am very satisfied.

Searching for Complete Raw Diet

I had been searching for a complete raw diet for my Belgian Malinois dogs and have been completely satisfied with the Basic Mix. They look great and love their food!

Made it easier for me

Made it easier for me to feed them the best food for them.

American Bully with Health Issues Discovers a Better Life

My 6yo American Bully (Leo) has had a life full of various health issues (allergies, skin infections, flank alopecia), weight problems (prescribed diet food) and has been on daily medications (allergies, anti-yeast, melatonin/hair growth). I’ve been researching raw food for a while and am so happy I found BJ’s Raw food. Other brands’ prices and quality simply can’t compare to BJ’s Raw Pet Food. The Premium Mix is exactly what I would feed Leo if I prepped his meals by hand. BJs make it so much easier by trusting their BARF ratios and all I have to do is weigh out Leo’s meals.

He’s been happily eating the Premium Mix since 6/10/20, so far I’ve seen an improvement in his activity, fur growth, shiny coat, and allergies! His paws continuously had yeast infections but it appears to be going away, he must have had food allergies my Vet and I had yet to find out.

I’m so happy with BJ’s raw food that I’ve told all my friends who love their fur-babies. The only regret I have is not finding BJ’s raw food sooner, but at least I have peace of mind knowing Leo will live the rest of his life to the fullest! I’m a firm believer that natural food is best for all humans/dogs, I’ve witnessed the changes in Leo and can’t wait to see how he looks/acts many months from now.

BJ’s raw dog food

BJ’s raw dog food is amazing!
My dogs go crazy when they see the food plate coming. I have tried many dog foods, as well as my own homemade diet in the past, and by far BJ’s raw dog food is superior to all of them.

I have 3 Pomeranians. One of my Pom’s (Diva) is 14 1/2 years old with compromised kidneys. Her health has improved and her kidney disease has remained stable since I’ve had her on BJ’s raw diet for the last few months.
(I feed her the ground turkey.)

Delivery is fast and the dog food arrives frozen. Dana at customer service is the best!

Thanks to all at BJ’s Raw Pet Food company,

Lucinda,Diva,Panda & Bamboo.

We are Canadians who moved

We are Canadians who moved to PA recently to be with my local fiancé. My biggest stress was finding food for my two dogs who ate premade raw in Canada!

I have a highly allergic (to almost everything) 3 legged American Bulldog who can really only eat pork mixed with small amounts of select meats and a easy going monster French bulldog mix who eats everything (including things he shouldn’t haha).

We are SOOOO happy with BJ’s. The dogs have responded physically even better to the stuff we used to get at home. Their coats are shiny, poops look the way they should, energy levels are wonderful and best of all they LOVE it. I am obsessed with the fact they have organ meats that are hard to find, source meat locally and allow you to make custom blends(which i have yet to try but cant wait to). They also have a few great supplements like a Complete Raw that we are currently using that seems to really help get the boys everything they need.

Literally the fastest shipping, even during covid times. For what you are getting the prices are great as well.

Cant say enough good things! 10/10 recommend this company!

We have managed to consume

We have managed to consume about 500 pounds of BJ’s Raw food over here. It is heartwarming to see the Line-Dance as I begin to scoop the portions into the bowls. The dogs are happy. Their coats are shiny. Their teeth look great. The clean their food bowls in record time AND they do a “drive-by” to make sure each other didn’t leave a little crumb that they can grab. Best Decision Ever! Thank you, BJ’s!

I’ve been dealing with doggie

I’ve been dealing with doggie digestion issues since receiving my Australian Cattle Dog 13 months ago. Endless switching of kibble brands, discussions with the vet, probiotics…prebiotics…enzymes…fiber…antibiotics…stool samples…pumpkin…when I say I tried it all, I’m not kidding.

I was beginning to tell myself that I’d just have to deal with extremely loose stool for the rest of Finch’s life and think about all that it entailed. Big deal, right? Having experienced the problem I emphatically disagree. Not knowing if you’ll have a code brown that you can barely clean up after at the kid’s soccer game really sucks. When the inevitable happens and you try to pick up a puddle of poo sucks even more.

After doing some extensive research, and as a last resort, we decided to try a raw diet. Operating a restaurant, we figured we’d make the meals ourselves. Discovering the costs and time involved in making anything balanced and of decent quality we quickly set our attention elsewhere. This is where BJ’s comes in. From the quality of the meats to the Dr. Billinghurst recommended blending, the premium mix can’t be beat. It’s made in Lancaster, which as a fellow Pennsylvanian who knows that area’s artisanal farming reputation, is a huge bonus.

The product arrived still frozen solid. Once thawed and portioned, there was literally a major difference on day one. Several weeks in, Finch’s digestion dilemma is solved; he can now run amongst the masses without worrying his owners as much (none of this situation bothered him in the slightest).

I can’t speak highly enough of BJ’s, they make a truly great product and we’re extremely satisfied customers. Recommend+++

I just started my dog

I just started my dog Herman on BJ’s raw dog food and he absolutely loves it. His food was delivered in a few days and was still frozen. Wonderful customer service!! We will be ordering every month, thank you!

Oh Happy Day! Lily’s order

Oh Happy Day! Lily’s order came today! Funny how she always knows when it has been delivered! She is an 11 pound Pomeranian. A huge joy in our life and the third Pom we have had. She is eight years old and as healthy as can be. All of our Poms have been on a raw diet. When we moved to Birmingham, Alabama, we found out about BJ’s and immediately ordered their raw turkey. We would recommend all dog lovers to consider a raw diet for dog longevity. One of our Poms lived to 20 years old! No cancers or any other problem except old age. It’s a commitment. Not as cheap as kibble but so much healthier. This company is very reliable. Very easy to work with. They offer all types of raw meats, etc. Try them! Your fur baby will love you for it!

Bought the bulk 6 inch

Bought the bulk 6 inch marrow bones. My GR & GP love them & I love how clean their teeth get. They come sealed 4 to a pack good heavy 6″ X 1.5″ bones. Going to give some out to friends for Christmas.

Thanks BJ’s
Rachel & Major

Happy Holidays!


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BJ’s Raw Pet Food subscriptions save precious time, energy, and money while keeping your precious animals happy and healthy. Our subscription system allows you to set up a recurring order, based on your timetable, for any of the products in our store. Not only does this make sure that your pet food will always arrive on time, but we also offer a 5% discount on all subscriptions, giving you ongoing savings on all subscription orders!