Why Duck Dog Food

duck dog food

Quality Duck Dog Food

You want to make sure that your dog is getting quality duck when you decide to add raw duck dog food into his diet.

One of the questions you ask is where are the ducks sourced from? Duck sourced from some countries could put your dog at risk. At BJ’s, we source all our ducks from local traditional farms in the U.S.

Some pet food companies are not transparent about their duck in their pet food. It may be advertised on the packaging as duck, but closer inspection shows it’s not the main ingredient. In the ingredients, they might use words like “duck meal” or “poultry meal”.

duck dog food

At BJ’s we are always transparent about what we sell because that is how business should be. We sell whole duck and ground duck. We also sell mix meals which include some duck. We don’t add any additives or flavor enhancers. Pure, natural, and honest pet food.

Dogs require high moisture in their food (around 70%). BJ’s duck dog food is fresh; therefore, the ducks are full of natural moisture. This helps your dog digest his food easier, and it helps him stays hydrated.


Why subscribe to BJs Raw Pet Food?

BJ’s Raw Pet Food subscriptions save precious time, energy, and money while keeping your precious animals happy and healthy. Our subscription system allows you to set up a recurring order, based on your timetable, for any of the products in our store. Not only does this make sure that your pet food will always arrive on time, but we also offer a 5% discount on all subscriptions, giving you ongoing savings on all subscription orders!