Fresh Cat Food for Your Feline Friend

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The Importance of Raw Fresh Cat Food

Did you know that a raw fresh cat food diet is even more essential for cats than a raw diet for dogs? This February being National Cat Health Month, we felt it important to highlight exactly why cats thrive on raw fresh cat food diets and don’t necessarily on other foods – our feline friends are wired differently in very special ways and tailoring our approach to them can be both interesting and highly informative! We hope this article empowers you to make the best health decision for your furry family members, even if they do remain aloof and pretend not to care 😉

Listed out below are the six most essential elements to fresh cat food. They aren’t listed in any specific order, because they all play vital functions in the utility of the entire diet – in holistic nutrition, it is important to take something as its whole part – simply isolating one aspect of health and focusing only on that will not be useful in the long run. Take this as a holistic list – if any of these elements are missing, then the diet cannot be considered adequate.

How Does Bacteria Effect Your Cat?

Interesting note regarding bacteria – they all need to feed but not all of them feed on everything. Certain bacteria feed on each of the basic elements of the macronutrients and the ones that we choose to feed are the ones that will become the strongest. This, in my opinion, is the deepest cause of pickiness. If the bacteria in the gut can’t utilize a certain food, the host will not want to eat that food. In order to truly fix pickiness, we need to allow those bacteria to die and we need to rebuild a diverse and healthy microbial community in the gut.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end! Whether you are a seasoned raw fresh cat food feeder or a complete newbie, we are excited to help you continue your raw fresh cat food feeding journey and look forward to helping in any way we can! For tips on transitioning cats to raw fresh cat food, check out this article! If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’d love to connect.


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