Goat Dog Food

goat dog food

Raw Goat Milk for Dogs?

Goat meat isn’t the only wonderful thing about goats. The goat provides an excellent source of milk. Goat milk is the number one consumed milk worldwide. But you ask, “How does goat milk compare to cow milk?”

To begin with, goat milk has fewer allergenic issues than cow milk. Dogs Naturally Magazine tells us of studies “showing that goat milk is better tolerated than cow milk for other reasons than being less allergenic. The smaller fat globules in goat milk and a higher concentration of small and medium-chain fatty acids, in addition to a looser curd formation, allow it to be digested more quickly and with much less effort”.

raw goat for dogs
Raw Goat Milk

Another reason to consider our raw goat milk is that it is natural and has not been pasteurized. This means the naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down lactose will not have been destroyed through pasteurization. We also have fermented goat milk. The fermentation metabolizes the lactose making it easier for dogs to digest milk which might otherwise have lactose intolerances.


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