Healthy Grass-Fed, Raw Goat Milk for Your Dogs

Healthy Grass-Fed Goat Milk For Your Pets

BJ’s Raw Goat Milk

A sprawling pasture, dotted with flowers and blanketed by various grasses and weeds, untampered by harsh modern farming practices, nestles itself gently near Lancaster, PA. This pasture serves as home to our milking goats, who enjoy life outdoors. A healthy lifestyle helps them produce nourishing milk, packed with enzymes, essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

We believe goat milk is a beneficial choice to boost your furry friend’s health. Since it is the only food that exists for the sole purpose of nourishing, raw grass-fed milk contains each of its nutrients in its most complete and usable form. The milk our goats produce is truly amazing!

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We take pride in the quality of our goat milk. That’s why we give our dogs the same goat milk that we sell to you. Our high-quality goat milk comes from only grass-fed goats and is bottled raw with all its important nutrients and probiotics intact.

We started BJ’s years ago because we care deeply about our dogs too. Our experience serving raw goat milk to our dogs has had a dramatic increase in health and wellness! This inspired us to share these benefits and the product with you and your dog as well so that all our four-legged friends can reap these health benefits!

Raw Goat Milk is Easier to Digest

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Why is raw milk at the top of the chart? Raw milk contains over 200 species of probiotic bacteria and over 40 digestive enzymes! This includes protease for digesting protein, lipase for digesting fat, amylase for digesting carbohydrates, and lactase for digesting lactose, the common milk-specific sugar that so many are sensitive to. Raw milk contains every enzyme necessary to digest itself. These probiotic bacteria and enzymes also strengthen the gut and help a diverse amount of foods digest with ease. This means the consumer’s body does minimal work to reap the enormous benefits.

Also, our goat milk retains all its lactase. Lactase is an enzyme naturally occurring in milk that assists in breaking down lactose into simple sugars for easier digestion. When you pasteurize milk, lactase is destroyed. Since we do not pasteurize our goat milk, the necessary lactase remains there to help with the breakdown and synthesization of the lactose. Your dog or cat will likely be able to enjoy the health benefits of goat milk without the discomfort they might experience with cow milk.

Due to the above, raw goat milk stands as a gut-friendly milk option for your dog. Plus, raw goat milk holds probiotics, which further increases your dog’s overall gut health.

Raw Goat Milk Kefir

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Our raw goat milk kefir (fermented goat milk) is the most digestible form of milk.

Why? Well, during the kefir’s fermentation process, the hard-to-digest lactose breaks down even further. The end result leaves your dog with lactose-free milk.

Plus, raw goat milk kefir is packed full of powerful probiotics and antibacterial properties. Does your dog struggle with itchy skin? Allergies? Unhealthy stools?

Raw goat milk kefir provides powerful probiotics which can help heal gut-related illnesses as it restores healthy bacteria in your dog’s gut. While raw goat milk also has probiotics, raw goat milk kefir takes it to a whole new level.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Great to find a quality raw goat’s milk kefir for my pup. I freeze into little molds which make portioning a snap & prevents anything from spoiling in the fridge if you don’t use it fast enough. Just pop on top of a meal & done!”

Heather Z

“Both my dogs, 5-year-old Shi-chon and a 1-year-old Maltese LOVE this milk. They get it right before bedtime for a snack and they can tell exactly when it’s time!”

Sandy T

Treat Your Beloved Dog to a Bowl of Raw Goat Milk

There are many ways to feed raw milk! It can be served with food or on its own. Many pet parents freeze it in ice cube molds and serve it as treats on hot days! If you don’t know how much to feed per day for best results, please consult the guide below!

  • Pets under 20 pounds: 2 oz day. 
  • Pets between 20-40 pounds: 4 oz a day. 
  • Pets between 50-80 pounds: feed them 8 oz a day. 
  • Pets over 80+ pounds: 10 oz a day.
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Keep in mind that these are averages based on average dogs – for specific health conditions, you may want to increase the amount per day. If you suspect this may be the case, please reach out to us and we can assist you!


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