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Veggie Blend

…because your dog deserves the best.

Discover the Nutritional Difference

If you want your dog to experience the best health possible, then you should consider our highly sought-after Veggie Blend. Veggie Blend is a blend of high-quality ingredients your dog won’t get from most pet food manufacturers.

The reasons major pet food manufactures don’t sell anything like Veggie Blend is because the ingredients and time it takes to produce something of this nutritional quality would cut too deep into the big corporate profits. But when you love your pets, you want to ensure they are well cared for. We understand this and want to do the right thing by providing you the nutritional quality difficult to find anywhere else.

Veggie blend

What goes into Veggie Blend, and What are the Benefits?

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Leafy Greens and Vegetables

First, we start with a rich nutritional base of leafy greens and vegetables. We include kale, spinach, radish tops, lettuce, fresh celery, carrots, and peppers.

We want to make sure dogs are getting vitamins they need, so we include raw sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and almonds which are rich in vitamin E and magnesium. We also add dandelion and wild blueberries for the antioxidants.

Being cognizant that many dogs suffer from allergies, we include nettles in our blends. Nettles has been reported to help with allergy issues.

Dogs need something for their joints too, so we add green-lipped mussel and MSM. MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is regarded as a natural anti-inflammatory that can help ease the discomfort of joint pain in dogs.

Even though natural raw diets are far easier for dogs to digest, we add a digestive enzyme blend formulated to ensure that even sensitive dogs’ digestive tract can break down their meals; and therefore, are getting the nutrients they need to live healthy and happy lives.

Nutritional Advantage

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Raw hemp seeds are a great source of fatty acids. Bilberries are included for eye health. For healthy urinary health, we add whole cranberries.

As pet owners, we must always protect our pets from fleas and ticks. This is why we include garlic, rosemary, and brewer’s yeast. kelp, spirulina, burdock root, parsley, raw pumpkin seeds, and alfalfa greens offer many combined benefits. Finally, we add just a bit of oregano, rosehip, anise, milk thistle, powdered goat milk, fennel, ginger, cumin, and stage.

Born to be Wild

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As you can see a lot goes into making the Veggie Blend! We also respect that dogs are carnivores; and therefore, the primary meal must be natural prey. But dogs’ cousins, the wolf, give us a better understanding of canine natural diet.

When hunting and feeding on their prey (most natural preys are herbivores), they would eat the content of their stomach too, which consists largely of partially digested vegetation. This provides them the small amount of vegetation they need. Dogs don’t need a lot of vegetables, and they certainly shouldn’t have all the grains and starches added to most of the processed pet food sold by large corporations.


Remember Veggie Blend is moderately added to a healthy prey diet.