My dog is a picky eater: What can I do?

pet pickiness

Feeding History of Cats and Dogs

There must be a cause related to our comfortable lifestyle – you don’t see wild dogs or wolves turning their nose up at, well, anything – and to the conditions in the gut of the modern house pet. I say “modern” here because pickiness is a very modern condition. Throughout history, dogs and cats have been scavengers hunter-gatherers, with dogs typically gorging and fasting and cats hunting small meals throughout the day. Back then, you had to eat what was available because it was impossible to say when the next meal would be. “Scheduled mealtime” is a relatively new concept, only really emerging within the last hundred years or so.

This is also true of commercial “complete and balanced” foods. Wild dogs and cats achieve balance the same way humans do – over time, rather than on a meal-to-meal basis. Even pets used to rarely eat the same thing every day, living primarily on table scraps, trash, and whatever small animals they could catch. It wasn’t until 1956 when the first kibble was released as a convenience product, that animals began free feeding and exercising less. This ushered in an age of degenerative diseases and perceived pickiness, problems that are perpetuated by the food and health industries alike. Modern diseases circle around what and how our pets are eating.



In summary, dogs and cats are complex creatures! Learning how to get on their level and work with them in ways they understand is essential to overcoming behavior diseases like pickiness. Hopefully, this article helps get you and your pet started down the path towards optimal health! As always, contact us if you have questions! We are more than happy to help where we can. Thanks!


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