Raw Food Custom Blend

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Ground Beef Green Tripe - 1 Lb - $3.62 Per Pound
Ground Beef Heart - 1 Pound
Ground Beef lung- 1 Pound
Ground Beef (Boneless) - 1 Pound
Ground Goat - 1 Pound
Ground Lamb - 1 Pound
Ground Rabbit - 1 Pound
Ground Chicken - 1 Pound
Ground Wild Salmon - 1 Pound
Ground Beef Liver - 1 Pound
Ground Turkey - 1 Pound
Ground Duck - 1 Pound
Ground Turkey Bones - 1 Pound
Beef Spleen (whole)
Beef Kidney (Whole)

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Mix and match the prey you would like in your custom blend and we will blend it up and send it to you in the packaging that you prefer. We can send it in 1 Quart, 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon containers. Please specify the type of containers you would like your custom blend to be shipped in.


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1 quart (2lbs.), 1 gallon (10lbs.), 5 gallons (38lbs.)


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