Dogs Why Start Feeding Raw Dog Food?

Raw Dog Food is Natural and Smart

We would like to show you why switching to raw dog food is natural and smart. Lets began by looking at kibbles. Kibbles was designed to substitute dogs’ diets. It is hands down the easiest way to go but isn’t the best option for your dogs’ health. A look at the nutrition breakdown on a bag of kibble will show low protein and high carbs. The other thing we will see are ingredients that dogs would never be eating in the wild such as corn and other fillers.

raw dog food

The Kibble Myths

Unfortunately, there are lots of myths that keep dog owners feeding kibbles to their dogs. For example dog owners are led to believe kibbles are actually good for dogs’ teeth. This is far from the truth as Dr. Becker explains in her article.

Kibbles are marketed as nutritionally balanced, but the public isn’t told that it is the bare minimum standard. As a result, your dog’s health might be affected. Physiologically, dogs do not thrive on kibbles as they do on a more natural diet.

By studying wolves, we can gain insight into how dogs should eat. Wolves eat raw prey. Sometime the preys are fresh kill and sometimes it is a rotting carcass. We should look at canine diets from the perspective of their biology.

Wolves eat the meat, organs, and bones of their prey. All of this is necessary for the healthy diets of both dogs and wolves. This diet provides essential nutrition for canines. Bones help with cleaning the teeth as stated earlier. This diet helps with the overall health of the wolf.

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