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We know your dogs will see the benefits of adding goat milk to their diet, so we are offering a limited time half-off on Regular Raw and Kefir Goat Milk. This offer is for purchases up to three quarts for first time new customers.

Goat Milk For Dogs

Goat Milk for Dogs

Dogs may be four-legged, but they are feel like family and you want only what is good for your dogs. Now you are considering goat milk but trying to decide if it is really beneficial and if it is.
We started BJ’s years ago, because we love our dogs too. Giving our dogs goat milk has had some real benefits. The quality of our goat milk is very important because we give our dogs the same goat milk we sell you.

What are the Benefits of Goat Milk?

Goat Milk is Easier to Digest

The number one reason we drink milk is for its protein, but not all proteins are the same. Cow milk is higher in alpha-s1-casein than goat milk. This protein is the cause of many dogs’ intolerance to cow milk. So, with goat milk having less of this protein some dogs will have fewer digestive problems. Lactose is marginally lower in goat milk compared to cow milk, it is still problematic. This is why our milk is raw goat milk.

Pets Enjoying Goat Milk
What happens is in the process of pasteurization of goat milk lactase is destroyed. Lactase is an enzyme naturally occurring in milk that assists in breaking down lactose into simpler sugars for easier digestion. Since we don’t pasteurize our goat milk, the necessary lactase remains there to help with the breakdown and synthetization of the lactose.

Kefir Raw Goat Milk

We also have kefir raw goat milk or fermented goat milk. One of the many benefits of kefir is easier digestion. The fermentation metabolizes the lactose making it easier for dogs to digest milk which might otherwise have lactose intolerances.
You probably have concerns about the sources of what you feed your dogs, and we believe you should. This is why BJ’s goat milk are grass feed. What you get is pure raw goat milk. We don’t add anything, it just real goat milk.

Raw Fresh Goat Milk

Goat Milk is Nutritional

Goat milk is used for rescue dogs because of its balanced nutrition. It provides much-needed proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. However, it is much more than just its caloric intake, it is pack with life-giving nutrients. In-fact, goat milk is the world’s most consumed milk partly for this reason.

It has fewer fats than cow milk. Its linoleic acids support your dogs in having a healthy immune system.
It helps your dog have a healthy intestinal flora. This, in turn, promotes healthy brain and nervous system development. Vitamin A is higher in goat milk as compared to cow milk.
While not a nutritional benefit but still worth noting is how much better goats are on the environment than cows. They consume far fewer resources and take up far less space, which makes goat milk worth considering over cow milk.

Be Your Dogs Hero and Give Refreshing Goat Milk

With our limited time offer, you have an opportunity to be your dog’s hero and give raw goat milk. This promotion will run out soon, so take advantage getting up to 3 quarts of BJ’s Raw Goat Milk or Kefir Goat Milk at half off, and watch your dogs show you how happy you made them.
*Limit of 3 quarts