Lamb for Dogs

raw lamb for dogs

Raw Lamb for Dogs?

Since dogs are carnivores, they need a diet high in protein. Dogs requires 22 amino acids to synthesize the proteins they need. These amino acids are used to repair tissue and build healthy muscle tone.

Without the necessary protein, they will experience health issues such as weight loss, muscle atrophy, digestive issues, and slower healing. When protein is processed to make kibble, the process destroys some of the protein. There are also studies suggesting a strong link between pets’ diets and cancer. Dogs thrive on healthy fresh diets.

Lamb is a rich source of protein. The fats in lamb help provide energy and give dogs a shiny coat. And lamb is full of vitamin B12, niacin, and calcium.

raw lamb for dogs
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Can Dogs Eat Lamb Bones?

Yes, they can, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Dogs should never eat cooked bones because there is the risk of it splinting and puncturing. Lamb bones are considered chewable or recreational bones. This means dogs can enjoy chewing whole bones, but they aren’t really suited for consumption.

What are the benefits of raw lamb for dogs?

Raw lamb is a great source of protein for dogs. Protein is very important for your dog’s health because it creates, heals, and maintains the muscle tissues, it also supports the immune system, and creates hormones and antibodies to protect your dog from sicknesses. Raw lamb contains the right amount of fats for your dog. It provides the perfect amount of dietary fat, and it is also great for dogs with food allergies. If your dog has food intolerance or allergies this could be the perfect raw food for your dog. The best part of raw lamb is that many dogs aren’t exposed to it yet. Therefore, there is a very low chance of being allergic to lamb meat. Most importantly it tastes great, dogs seem to love the taste of lamb. If you are struggling with a dog who is very picky about its food, give raw lamb dog food a try.

lamb for dogs

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