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At BJ’s Raw Pet Food, we believe a great dog food should be whole and natural because we believe natural is better. Our livestock are sourced straight from traditional farms. Truly a “fresh from the farm to your dog’s bowl experience”.

We also believe quality dog food suppliers should consider the wolf, the dog’s natural accessory. Wolves consume their prey almost entirely whole, so we try to keep our meals whole and balanced. Whole prey offers the nutritional balanced we should see in dogs’ food. Vitamins and minerals are found in the parts like the organs and bones, and the bones also help with cleaning the teeth.

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We take good customer service very seriously. If you are not sure about something, then follow this link to our contact page where you will see options for reaching us. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook page where you can continue to learn about raw feeding and meet other pet lovers.


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BJ’s Raw Pet Food subscriptions save precious time, energy, and money while keeping your precious animals happy and healthy. Our subscription system allows you to set up a recurring order, based on your timetable, for any of the products in our store. Not only does this make sure that your pet food will always arrive on time, but we also offer a 5% discount on all subscriptions, giving you ongoing savings on all subscription orders!