Raw Turkey for Dogs

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Does raw turkey for dogs have tryptophan in it?

Most folks have heard of turkey having tryptophan, but what is tryptophan? It is an amino acid that induces sleep. It has been reported that it may help in cancer prevention. It also can serve as a mood enhancement.

A common myth is that when we eat turkey, tryptophan causes us to feel sleepy. The tryptophan is not high enough to induce sleep, which is probably the result of overeating. So if your dog passes out after eating, it was probably because he enjoyed it too much.

So, as you see turkey is a prey your dog should have on the menu. We recommend alternating prey and using Earth Animal daily raw if you are not using one of our complete mixed meals like the Turkey Mix. 

Here at BJ’s, we offer Turkey Mix, Ground Turkey, Turkey Necks, and Whole Turkey options.