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BJ's Raw Pet Food Open House Oct 15, 2022

On October 15th, we are opening our doors, so people like you can experience BJ's Raw Pet Food up close. Come out and eat, tour our manufacturing facility, see our farm animals, enjoy a hayride around the farm, a petting zoo, and pumpkins painting for the children!

Raw Dog Food

From the Farm to Your Dog's Dinner Bowl. Fresh Raw Dog Food to Keep Your Pets Healthier and Happier!

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As the summer heat kicks in, don't forget to stock up on dry ice to keep your pet's food cool during shipping. BJ's Raw Pet Food is made with only the freshest ingredients. So give your pet the gift of delicious, nutritious raw pet food this summer - they'll love you for it!

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SAVE 5%-10%! Just buy 20 quarts or 6 gallons and select your recurring order!

Raw Dog Food. For Cats, too. Premium Raw Pet Food | Lancaster, PA

Learn What Raw Dog Food to Feed
…and How Much

Feeding raw dog food can be a little overwhelming at first. Where do you start? As you probably guess, what to feed and how much depends on the dog. We created a Feeding Calculator to make this much easier. In additions to learning how much to raw dog food to feed, you will receive helpful meal suggestions with coupons.

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Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life by Feeding Them Raw Dog Food

You love your dog, and you want them healthy and happy. But did you know that most dog foods contain grains and other ingredients that aren’t healthy for dogs? What you feed your dog directly affects their health. Watching your dog suffer from health problems related to their diet can leave you feeling helpless, and desperate.

BJ’s is founded on dog owners having access to quality raw dog foods. BJ’s owner Chris, loves his dogs. However, years ago his dogs started having health problems. Chris lives on a farm and has livestock. He started applying the PMR (Prey Model Raw) diet and saw great health improvements. This approach to dog diet is designed to mimic their natural diet in the wild. That is why we only sell grain-free dog food with the highest quality meats, bones, and organs.

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BJ’s Raw Pet Food subscriptions save precious time, energy, and money while keeping your precious animals happy and healthy. Our subscription system allows you to set up a recurring order, based on your timetable, for any of the products in our store. Not only does this make sure that your pet food will always arrive on time, but we also offer a 5% discount on all subscriptions, giving you ongoing savings on all subscription orders!