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Long before kibble, cats & dogs feasted on table scraps and wild game. Nowadays pets have a diet of primarily dry kibble and canned food— resulting in severe health issues.

Worms & parasites are taking a toll on our pets, as they simply don’t have the immunity to fight off such issues. Give your pet the nutrition they need; a balanced diet of fresh raw meat & vegetables.

BJ’s Raw Pet Food™, a private membership association, offers a blend of fresh raw meats and vegetables that has been tweaked through numerous trial and error, in attempt to find the right mix suitable for most dogs. We all want what’s best for our pets, and it’s time you give your pet the diet it deserve.

“Our Premium and Turkey Mix Exceeds AAFCO Nutrition Recommendation.”

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Not sure if raw pet food is right for your pet?

Since 2012 we have fed over 100 dogs and raised more then 40 litters of puppies on BJ’s Raw Pet Food’s Premium Mix. We are very happy with how dogs love the food and how well puppies thrive on it. We welcome any questions or concerns you may have!

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Tips to keep in mind while feeding raw pet food:

Use stainless steel utensils and bowls when handling and feeding raw pet food

Keep food frozen or refrigerated until ready to feed

Wash dishes with warm soapy water and rinse after each meal

Clean floor around feeding area after each meal

Keep food out of reach of children

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Testimonials from Pets and their Owners

My older girl, Gracie has lost 12 lbs! She has not seemed hungry at all. Both girl’s coats are now so glossy they seem to glow! They love it.

Donna Chase / Customer

The World Proclaimed Chic Choix Lhasa Apso Show Kennel exclusively uses and recommends BJs Raw Pet Food as the food of choice.

Dr. Clifton J Kenon Jr / Putnam Kennel Club