Why Feed Raw - Border Collie with Chicken in mouth

Prey Model Raw Diet

We are sometimes asked, “Is it safe to feed dogs raw meat”? Here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food, we follow the PMR model. PMR is an acronym for the Prey Model Raw diet. This approach to dog diet is to mimic their natural diet in the wild. We look at wolves (99% the same DNA as dogs) for wisdom in understanding canine natural diet and eating patterns.

PMR model considers what preys, proportion, and ratio would dogs eat in the wild. This diet is a truly natural diet for dogs. Processed kibbles and canned dog food are full of unnatural fillers that dogs were never meant to eat.

What are the Benefits of Feeding Dogs Raw Meat?

Beautiful Wolf

Balanced Weight

A high protein raw diet will help your dog maintain a healthy weight ratio. With the reduction or elimination of high carb kibbles, they will naturally start dropping unnatural weight. This is clean eating for dogs. This is how dogs are supposed to eat, and it will leave them feeling deeply satisfied.

Improved Digestion

Possibly one of the most appreciated improvement you will see in your dog is in their digestion. Who wouldn’t appreciate less waste cleanup? Feeding dogs raw meat will:

  1. Reduce urination – Salt is added to kibbles causing dogs to drink more water. Kibble manufactures add salt, so your dog will want to eat kibbles.
  2. Improved digestion since physiologically dogs were meant to consume raw meat not kibbles
  3. Less fecal matter due to higher nutritional value (their body synthesizes more of the food).
  4. Improved smell of flatulence and fecal matter

Strong Puppy from eating healthy raw pet food - Puppy with big stick

Shinier Coats

When owners start feeding dogs raw meat, they start seeing a shinier coat. The proteins and fats are a necessity for a beautiful and healthy coat.

Muscle Tone

Consider if you or I had a regular diet of cereal and ate a low protein diet. We would gain weight, our muscles would atrophy for lack of proteins, and our joints would start hurting.

Dry kibbles are full of carbohydrates and very low proteins. Biologically dogs are carnivores and needs high amounts of proteins. In fact, they thrive on meat. Meat is the natural diet for dogs, so when they start eating raw meat, they show health improvements.

Cleaner Teeth

Fresh meaty bones! Dogs’ teeth are naturally cleaned by eating fresh meaty bones. The act of chewing the bones clean the teeth. So, dogs not only enjoy chewing on bones, it’s good for them too.

On the other hand, dry kibbles are high on carbs and simply acts like sugar stuck to your dog’s teeth. This is why you have to buy rawhide and other products to keep you dog teeth clean.

Feeding Dogs Raw Meat is the Safer Option

Dr. Karen Becker, a leading veterinarian, states that only a dozen recalls out of thousands were for commercial raw pet diets. Becker also says the vast majority of recalls were for dry dog and cat food (kibble). So, again not only is feeding dogs raw meat healthy for them, it is even safer for them.