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Currently, we sell over 70 products, so there is no shortage of options. We strive to offer variety, but this can make some folks a little overwhelmed. That is why we have provided two resources: Customers’ Favorites and the Feeding Calculator. Below we will introduce you to 12 of the very best dog food products.

Premium Mix

Premium Mix is not only one of the best dog foods, but it is also our top seller! What makes it so great is that it is packed with nutrients and is a very balanced complete meal. It contains ground whole chicken, bone, beef, tripe, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, pork, spleen, liver, kidney & organic veggie blend. We don’t use veggies as filler, just enough to ensure dogs receive vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and preventative properties.

Cat Food – Premium Mix

Premium Mix, the best cat food that offers a complete and balanced meal for your feline companion. Made with the finest ingredients, it features the perfect ratios of fine grind Meat (85%), Bone (5%), and Organs (10%). To enhance the dining experience, we highly recommend adding Fresh Goat Milk sourced from grass-fed goats as a healthy and delicious topper, adds a touch of variety that cats simply adore. Our BJ's Raw Cat Food - Premium Mix is carefully formulated to cater to cats of all life stages, ensuring they receive optimal nutrition throughout their journey.

Ultimate Mix

BJ’s Ultimate Mix is considered a naturally complete meal. BJ’s Ultimate Mix is for all life stages. If feeding only Ultimate with no rotation, it is recommended to add Fresh Goat Milk from grass-fed goats to get all the nutrition your dog needs for the long term.

Beef Blend

Who doesn’t love beef? Beef is one of the top searched prey, so naturally, the Ground Beef Blend is one of the favorites of The Best Dog Food products. All our livestock are sourced from local traditional farms, including BJ’s beef. Beef is great for both adults and puppies. It is boneless and not a complete meal. Make sure you alternate with one of our complete meals or use Daily Raw as a supplement.

Turkey Mix

Turkey Mix is another one of our most popular mixes. It is a mixture of whole turkey with bones, beef pork, tripe, spleen, liver, kidney, lung, plus supplements. The supplements are veggies that add vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and preventive properties to the Turkey Mix. As a result, the Turkey mixture finds itself on the The Best Dog Food List.

Turkey Blend

Ground Turkey is pasture-raised turkey with organs, and it is one of the customers’ favorites. Both cats and dogs at all stages of life love it! It is a mixture of 80% ground turkey meat, 10% bone, and 10% organs. And it is a complete and balanced meal.

Kefir Goat Milk

Kefir made it on the list of Best Dog Food too. BJ’s kefir is from grass-fed goat milk. You might have heard of all the nutritional benefits of kefir, but perhaps you had never thought about how it can benefit your dog. The active cultures help promote healthy digestion in your dog, and this is really important!

Purr Rabbit Blend - Cats

BJ’s Purr Rabbit Blend for cats is whole prey and considered a naturally complete meal. If feeding only this blend for the long term, it is recommended to add Fresh Goat Milk from grass-fed goats to get all the nutrition your cat needs.

Rabbit Blend

Dogs love rabbit. It is on the Best Dog Food list because is very healthy! It is great for dogs that need to lose weight, and they won’t even realize you have put them on a diet. They will think they are getting a treat! This is a whole ground rabbit. Let us know if you want it with or without fur. The fur helps with digestions.

Basic Mix

The Basic Mix is another favorite of The Best Dog Food List. It is great for both adult dogs and puppies. It is a complete meal consisting of 80% meat, 10% bone, 5% liver, and 5% other secreting organs. The Basic Mix is a mixture of fresh ground whole chicken, bone, beef, pork, tripe, spleen, liver, and kidney.

Goat Blend

Goat is the most widely consumed meat in the world. BJ’s Ground Goat is pasture-raised and great for cats, dogs, and puppies. It is a complete, balanced meal of 80% ground goat meat, 10% bones, 10% organs, and tripe. If you are feeding your pets only ground goat, then we recommend adding Fresh Goat Milk from grass-fed goats to ensure your pets get all the nutrients they need long term.

Veal Blend

Veal Blend is a milk-fed calf that includes bone, tripe, and organs. It is freshly ground and is considered a whole prey and a naturally complete meal. If you are feeding only calf, then it is recommended to add Daily Raw to get all the nutrition your dog needs long term.