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Who is Behind BJ’s Raw Pet Food?

Your dog’s food comes from small local farms right to your door! You could say that ordering from BJ’s is “farm-to-table” for your pet! Or, as we like to say, “Fresh from the farm to your dog bowl.” Because BJ’s is a small family-oriented company, you will inevitably become part of the BJ’s family too!

Where We Are Today…

Today, we are helping many dog parents give their dogs the food they love, and the nutrition they deserve. Fresh and raw ingredients are the key! BJ’s Raw Pet Food provides a full service of pre-mixed and custom raw pet food. We tested countless recipes and developed the best recipe suitable for most dogs which are also our best-seller, the Basic and Premium mixes. Our dogs are fed the mixes on most days, while other days they may get a whole rabbit, turkey, fish, or whole chicken; but the ease of feeding a ground pre-mix is hard to beat. Once you try feeding raw you will never go back to man-made kibbles!

German Shepherd BJ's Raw Pet Food

Our Food

At BJ’s Raw Pet Food, we believe that proper nutrition is essential for the health and well-being of your canine and feline companions. We source our ingredients with great care from small farms in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality. Our meals are freshly butchered, processed, and frozen right here on our farm before being shipped to you. For first-time customers, we suggest trying out our Introductory Package or Premium Mix – they make great introductions to the delicious range of raw food options that we have available.

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Why subscribe to BJs Raw Pet Food?

BJ’s Raw Pet Food subscriptions save precious time, energy, and money while keeping your precious animals happy and healthy. Our subscription system allows you to set up a recurring order, based on your timetable, for any of the products in our store. Not only does this make sure that your pet food will always arrive on time, but we also offer a 5% discount on all subscriptions, giving you ongoing savings on all subscription orders!