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Who is Behind BJ’s Raw Pet Food?

BJ’s Raw Pet Food is a small local manufacture that sources livestock from local farms. BJ’s is run by two long-time friends who care deeply for the health of their animals. Years ago, when Brenda’s boxers and bulldogs were having health issues, she struggled as she searched for a nutritional solution that would alleviate her canines’ allergies and skin conditions. Chris, along with his family lives on a beautiful traditional local farm. Chris also faced similar problems as he searched for a nutritional alternative for his German Shepherds and French Bulldogs. After relentless research and consulting experts, Brenda created the best formulations for the healthiest dog food on the market.

The two long-time friends joined forces to create the nationally reputable brand BJ’s Raw Pet Food. Folks all over the nation have come to trust BJ’s for wholesome fresh dog and cat foods straight from the farm to your pet’s bowl. Because BJ’s is a family business, every customer is given the personal attention they deserve. Everything in the day to day operations are handled with thoughtfulness, from the fresh meat preparation to carefully crafted greens and supplements to the mix. Every order is hand packaged and prepared for the shipment because we take pride in our family business. 

Your dog’s food comes from small local farms right to your door! You could say that ordering from BJ’s is “farm-to-table” for your pet! Or, as we like to say, “Fresh from the farm to your dog bowl.” Because BJ’s is a small family-oriented company, you will inevitably become part of the BJ’s family too!

Where We Are Today…

Today, we are helping many dog parents give their dogs the food they love, and the nutrition they deserve. Fresh and raw ingredients are the key! BJ’s Raw Pet Food provides a full service of pre-mixed and custom raw pet food. We tested countless recipes and developed the best recipe suitable for most dogs which are also our best-seller, the Basic and Premium mixes. Our dogs are fed the mixes on most days, while other days they may get a whole rabbit, turkey, fish, or whole chicken; but the ease of feeding a ground pre-mix is hard to beat. Once you try feeding raw you will never go back to man-made kibbles!

German Shepherd BJ's Raw Pet Food

Our Food

We are located in beautiful Pennsylvania where there are fields full of fresh produce and meadows of grazing livestock. We are blessed to have pasture raised animals packed with Vitamin D available for us and our pets. Over the years, BJ’s Raw Pet Food. has worked hard on creating a food that most dogs love and helps them do well long term. That’s why our Basic & Premium mix has 3 delicious meats, plus organs and tripe. The Premium includes additional vegetables & herbs for nutrition, coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar, raw garlic, rosemary and cranberries. Choose from our pre-made mixes or tell us what you want and we carefully choose, butcher, package, freeze and deliver to your door!

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