Who is behind Bj’s Raw Pet Food?

BJ’s Raw Pet Food is not a large manufacturer, BJ’s is run by two long-time friends who care deeply for the health of their animals. Brenda owns boxers and bulldogs and know the struggle of keeping them healthy. She knows the struggle of finding food that will work well for those breeds for their allergies and potential skin issues. Chris, along with his family live on a beautiful farm. Chris has German Shepard’s and French Bulldogs and has always been searching for the right food for his dogs. Brenda spent much time and research to create the best formulations for the healthiest food they could produce.  The two long-time friends joined forces to create the food we all know and love today. BJ’s Raw Pet Food is truly a family business. Chris’s father helps to grind the fresh meat, adding Brenda’s carefully crafted green’s and supplements to the mix, hand packages and prepares for shipment every single order. Your dog’s food is coming from a small farm right to your door! BJ’s Raw pet food is literally “farm-to-table” for your pet! Because BJ’s is a small family oriented company, you will inevitably become part of the BJ’s family too!

Where We Started…

We have been raising English Bulldog & Boxer puppies since 2004. After years of feeding the same dog food, one day that food was discontinued. We tried several brands but they always seemed to come up short, so we did some research on feeding raw and decided to give it a try in June of 2012. Within just a couple weeks we noticed a change in both our dogs behavior and appearance! Our seven year old bulldog, Willie, was becoming old and lazy but after just a few weeks of feeding raw he became more active and playful than ever before! Boxer puppies often had heart murmurs but after making the switch to raw, it’s a rare occurrence. Parasites are much easier to control, coats are soft & shiny, and our dogs love their meals!

Where We Are Today…

Today, we are helping many people give their dogs the food they love… the nutrition they deserve… Fresh and raw ingredients is the key! BJ’s Raw Pet Food provides a full service of pre-mixed and custom raw pet food. We tested countless recipes in attempt to find the best recipe suitable for most dogs and with trial and error, we finally came up with our Basic and Premium mixes. Our dogs are fed the mixes on most days, while other days they may get whole rabbit, turkey, fish or whole chicken; but the ease of feeding a ground pre-mix is hard to beat. Once you try feeding raw you won’t want to go back to man-made kibble!

Our Food

We are located in beautiful Pennsylvania where there are fields full of fresh produce and meadows of grazing livestock. We are blessed to have pasture raised animals packed with Vitamin D available for us and our pets. Over the years, BJ’s Raw Pet Food. has worked hard on creating a food that most dogs love and helps them do well long term. That’s why our Basic & Premium mix has 3 delicious meats, plus organs and tripe. The Premium includes additional vegetables & herbs for nutrition, coconut oil, raw apple cider vinegar, raw garlic, rosemary and cranberries. Choose from our pre-made mixes or tell us what you want and we carefully choose, butcher, package, freeze and deliver to your door!

Our Raw Food Process

Choose Your Meat

All healthy animals need raw, fresh food; that’s why we choose pastured animals for our pet food.

Choose from beef, deer, goat, lamb, rabbit, turkey, chicken & more.

*Buffalo & Elk available upon request & availability.

Want something we don’t have listed? Let us know and we will be happy to see if we can get it.

We Prepare Your Meat

Feed a whole prey diet? We can skin or de-feather and freeze whole so you can grab and feed with ease.

Want chunks? We can do 8in. bones with meat, perfect for dogs to chew on for hours! We also do bite size chunks of meat froze in the sizes you need.

Want simple? We do ground plain or mixed to your choice and frozen in your desired size.

Veggies? No problem!

Wait for Delivery (or pickup)

If you’re close you can save money by picking up at our site! If not, we ship frozen in insulated boxes with ice to keep your food fresh.

As soon as your raw food arrives place in the freezer or refrigerator to keep cold.

*Our food stays fresh up to 6 months in the freezer.

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