Starting Your Senior Dog On A Raw Diet: The Complete Guide

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Is It Safe To Start Your Senior Dog On A Raw Diet?

Yes! It is absolutely safe to start your senior dog on a raw diet. So many people believe that it is too late because their dog may be in the later years of his or her life, but it is always the right time to start feeding raw. Across the board in all dogs, senior dogs being no exception, raw diets improve general health, strengthen immune systems, increase happiness, ease digestion, and can even lengthen lifespans. Your senior furry family member may not be the young pup that they used to be, but switching to a raw feeding diet may help put some of that “puppy-pep” back in their step.

Before making the transition to raw, there are some important things to consider. Because your old dog has external factors like habits, diets, and a lifestyle they’re already used to, transitioning a senior dog is a slightly different process than switching a 2 or 4-year-old dog over to a completely raw diet . Keep reading to get help with the process and how to transition your dog over to a raw diet!

Why Is Starting Your Senior Dog On A Raw Diet Smart?

Your senior dog was MADE for a raw diet. Did you know dogs are direct descendants of the gray wolf , Canis lupus? By observing how wolves eat their prey, we understand how dogs should eat. The ancestral diet consists of both fresh kills, and sometimes a rotting carcass. Wolves avoid unnatural foods; their consumption is typically full of meat, organs, and bones. Which provides a proportional makeup of the prey. All of this is essential for the health of both dogs and wolves. From this, we developed a hypothesis of what is the best nutrition for canines.

Scientific research and empirical experiments have proven raw pet food is the best diet for both dogs and cats. Don’t just take our word for it though, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, a prominent Australian veterinarian specialist, agrees that raw diets for our pets are best. He was even willing to endorse BJ’s Raw Pet Food as healthy and an excellent raw pet food source when we reached out to him .

How To Transition Your Senior Dog To A Raw Diet

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Special Health Considerations For Senior Dogs And Raw Diets

Perhaps, you have a diabetic pet, where it is crucial to feed them; it may complicate administering their medication properly. Also, senior pets typically become selective as their appetite changes. When it comes to diabetic pets, it is wise to have pre-portioned servings based on your dog’s size and weight. It is critical to feed your pets twice daily, once in the morning and evening, while taking insulin. The raw pet food is 100 % balanced nutrition filled with organic, natural ingredients with no fillers or artificial ingredients. Once you have consulted with your vet, arrange a personalized meal plan based on your dog’s individual needs. Then, please look at our feeding calculator to ensure the right amount for your furry loved one.

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We’re Here To Help You Start Your Senior Dog On A Raw Diet

We’re here to support pet parents just like you that want to make the best decisions possible for their furry family members. We have lots of options when it comes to food mixes and supplements. Feel free to contact us with your questions. We can help you start your senior dog on a raw diet and make sure that the transition is a walk in the park!