40 Year Groomer Tells
Why She Chooses Raw Dog Food

Shear Elegance Pet Boutique


What does raw dog food have in common with grooming? Every morning Sharon Keaton walks into her business she built from the ground up. Shear Elegance Pet Boutique is a dream come true for Sharon. Sharon talks about her work in such a passionate manner that her passion is contagious, yet she has been doing the same work grooming animals for 40 years. Because of Sharon’s lifetime commitment to dogs and cats, we asked her if she would sit down and tell us her story. “Why have you made a career out of grooming?” “How did you get started?” And, “What have you learned?” Through her work, she has gained unique experiences that have made her wiser to health and nutrition in dogs and cats.


Groomer Chooses Raw Dog Food


When she first decided to open Shear Elegance, it was only an empty building. But, not to Sharon Keaton. She envisioned every aspect of what would become her biggest life’s project. She designed everything in her shop. As she shares her story, some of us can’t help but feel envious that we don’t feel the same passion for our work.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

– Confucius

This passion permeates how she cares for her four-legged customers. I did some research and found she even helps out at a local shelter with grooming terribly neglected animals. I discovered how Sharon transformed not only the outward appearance but even how he/she feels about themselves. Animals’ moods change after a good bath and grooming. They feel loved. Perhaps that is what Sharon is spreading, a little love through her work as a groomer.


Caring Groomer

When he came to Sharon.



After Groomer

After Sharon worked her magic. He is a different cat inside and out.


The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

-Steve Jobs

Sharon tells us in our interview that she “wouldn’t give it up”. “The only way I’ll stop grooming is when my body stops”, she explains with deep conviction. We asked her what she has learned as a groomer? She explained that as a groomer, she has witnessed many dogs’ health compromised caused by poor diet. Sharon is a firm believer that nutrition is everything to a dog’s health.

The rise in the popularity of fresh pet food is due in part to the growing awareness among pet guardians of the link between processed pet food and many of the diseases suffered by today’s dogs and cats.

-Dr. Karen Becker



Why a Groomer Decides to Start Feeding Raw Dog Food

Groomer Tells What She Has Learned About Raw Dog Food


She sincerely feels that nutrition is foundational to a dog’s health. She has witnessed medical problems, obesity, skin and coat problems. All things that an experienced groomer would notice. Remember, Sharon has 40 years of experience. Learn why Sharon decided raw dog food is the way to go.


As I transition more and more of my pet patients to fresh raw diets, I saw the drastic health improvements that came along with the transitions.

-Dr. Ian Bilinghurst


Sharon was looking for answers, and she had a hunch that she would find it in nutrition. “Thirteen years ago, I started researching raw dog food.” Around that time, Sharon bought a cocker spaniel, which she later learned came from a puppy mill. This poor girl had all sorts of health issues ranging from skin issues, ear infections, eye problems, and yeast infections.

Sharon was in and out of vets with her girl. Sharon also decided to start her on a raw dog food diet, and she witnessed improvements in her cocker spaniel health that otherwise would have been hopeless. “Due diligence, and a raw diet”, saved her from a life of multiple chronic health issues.




Learn how to transition pets to raw dog food . We break down your options and show the pros and cons of each option. We want to empower you with knowledge and community. You can also, visit our Facebook page for community support.


BJ's Raw Dog Food


Sharon started out using a couple of raw dog food companies but wasn’t happy. She ultimately discovered BJ’s Raw Pet Food. Since getting on the subscription, Sharon has become a loyal customer. When asked why, she explains that “the quality of food is very obvious, just outstanding!” “BJ’s has a large variety with everything that your animal could want and need to keep them 100% healthy”. “It works”!

To learn more about BJ’s subscription please visit the Subscriptions page. You should have all your questions answered there, but you are welcome to give a call at 717-745-8899 if you have any unanswered questions.

When asked about her customer service experience with BJ’s, she says, “customer service is excellent”! Sharon chooses BJ’s because of the helpful videos and information available about raw dog food. Anytime she has any issues she can call Chris, BJ’s president, and he is eager to help. “There are many natural vitamins and minerals BJ’s raw pet food.” The meals are high in protein that is balanced to meet canines’ needs.

Visit the BJ’s Raw Pet Food Member Testimonials page to see some of our customers’ testimonials.


Raw Dog Food


Sharon says her dogs are eager for every meal. They are energetic and healthy. That’s what we like hearing. Sharon Keaton has witnessed her own dog’s transformation, and many of her customers’ pets benefit from a raw diet like the one we provide here at BJ’s. We consult with Dr. Billinghurst to ensure we are providing the right nutrition your canine needs.

Here are a few links that may help with questions you may have. First, here is the link to the most frequent questions we hear. And here is a link to a feeding calculator to help guide you in knowing how much and what to feed your dog, no matter what your goal is. There are also coupons included in the emails with the recommendation. Lastly, you might like to know what other customers like the most from our store. Here is a shortlist of the most popular meals we provide.

Remember, this is a farm-to-bowl experience for your dog. We live and operate from a small farm, so this is as fresh as it gets!