5 Ingredients You'll Find in The Very Best Raw Dog Food

Quality Ingredients

You are looking for the best raw dog food available, but there are a lot of companies making claims. This causes uncertainty and skeptics in folks. How do you know you are getting the best quality? Here are 5 things to keep in mind when deciding what to feed your dogs:

High - Quality Meat

Our meat selection goes beyond just trimmings. We source high-quality cuts that are not considered "leftovers" or waste from human-grade meat production. We prioritize using wholesome ingredients to provide the best nutrition for dogs. While our product may be a step up from traditional kibble, we understand your concerns about achieving a complete balance. That's why we also offer other product options that address specific dietary needs, ensuring your dogs receive a well-rounded and balanced diet. We appreciate your feedback and are committed to continuously improving our offerings to meet the nutritional requirements of our furry friends.


You're absolutely right! Including organs in the mix is crucial for providing a balanced and nutritious meal for dogs. Organs are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to their overall health. One approach that aligns with this principle is the Prey Model Raw (PMR) diet, which mimics the natural feeding habits of dogs in the wild. This diet emphasizes the consumption of whole prey, including organs, to ensure a well-rounded nutritional profile.


Absolutely, dogs benefit from gnawing on bones as it promotes dental health and hygiene. That's why it's important to ensure that bones are included as part of their dietary intake. When a company includes ground fine bones as part of a whole animal mix, it ensures a natural and balanced proportion. Sufficient bone content is essential to prevent calcium deficiencies in dogs. However, it's crucial that bones are not added as mere fillers, but rather in the appropriate proportion. This way, dogs can enjoy the dental benefits and necessary nutrients without any compromises.

Veggies and Herbs

Now it is true that wolves and other wild dogs don’t eat a lot of vegetation, but they do eat some. This is why when dogs are eating mixes, you want veggies and/or herbs mixed in. These veggies have important fibers, vitamins, and minerals. The enzymes from the veggies will help with digestion. Herbs have all sorts of medicinal properties that benefit dogs. These veggies and herbs should never be in large portions. Unfortunately, some companies use lots of veggies and grains as fillers to save the company money.
Pre-made Mixes
Our Basic & Premium Mix has 4 delicious types of meat, plus organs and tripe. The Premium includes additional vegetables & herbs for nutrition, pumpkin, sunflower seeds, and turmeric. Choose from our pre-made mixes or tell us what you want, and we will carefully choose, butcher, package, freeze, and deliver to your door the best raw dog food!

Premium Mix

BJ’s Raw Premium mix for dogs and puppies is freshly ground whole chicken, bone, beef, tripe, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, pork, spleen, liver, kidney & Veggie Blend. Veggie blend ingredients vary according to what is currently in season.

Basic Mix

BJ’s ground Basic Mix is a ground complete meal for all life stages. If feeding only Basic Mix it is recommended to add Fresh Goat Milk from grass-fed goats to get all the nutrition your dog needs for the long term. Save 5% on recurring shipments!

Our Food

We are located in beautiful Pennsylvania where there are fields full of fresh produce and meadows of grazing livestock. We are blessed to have pasture-raised animals packed with Vitamin D available for us and our pets. Over the years, BJ’s Raw Pet Food has worked hard on creating food dogs love and support longevity.

Be Your Dog's Hero

Be your dog's hero and start them on raw dog food.
Grass Fed
Grass Fed
BJ's all-natural, grass-fed beef cattle are raised on our farm, in a free-range and pasture-based environment. We ensure that they are given the best possible care.
Local Farms
Local Farms
BJ's Raw Pet Food is a family-owned and traditional farm in Lancaster, PA where our family has been farming for many generations.
Humane Certified
Humane Certified
BJ's Raw Pet Food proudly provides healthy, pasture-raised, free-range, and grass-fed products humanely raised on our farms.
Veterinarian Approved
Veterinarian Approved
The father of raw pet food diets, Dr. Ian Billinghurst, created and share the benefits of feeding raw for your pets.