Raw Beef for Dogs

Dogs are Descendants of Wolves

As descendants of wolves, dogs can eat raw beef. Canines’ genetic makeup makes it possible to digest raw meat in ways that would put us at risk but is regarded by leading veterinarians, such as Dr. Billinghurst as safe. Over the generations, people have bred some of the appearances and behavioral characteristics of wolves out of dogs. But the dietary needs haven’t changed for dogs. Consider for a moment how different people’s appearances, personalities, and behaviors can be. Yet essentially, we are physiologically the same.
Canines are carnivores and this means their biology is different from humans. Take for example their teeth; their teeth are designed to tear, and shred flesh. The teeth and jaws of herbivores and omnivores jaws move side to side also called lateral mandibular swing. Dogs do not chew, they bit off and swallow.

Wolves and dogs have the same digestive systems. A pack of wolves' works together when hunting preys. This is especially true for larger prey like deer, elk, or cattle. They eat their prey then. There is no need to cook it. And they don’t just eat the meat. They consume organs and chew on the bones. The organs provide important nutrients, and the bone helps clean their teeth.

Raw Beef for Dogs is Healthy and Natural.

Kibbles leave dogs hungry and irritable because it is difficult to digest some of the ingredients in kibbles. On the other hand, raw beef for dogs is great for them. It is healthy and natural for dogs to eat raw beef. It also leaves dogs feeling deeply satisfied because they are getting everything they need nutritionally. Beef has some of the best quality proteins that leave dogs feeling deeply satisfied.

Feed Your Dog Raw Beef

Raw beef is packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins that help your pup build strong muscles. Furthermore, dogs can't get enough of chewing on delicious beef bones! You can choose from a variety of premium quality frozen raw meats and organs when you shop with us. We guarantee your best friend will be getting top-notch food, not unwanted scraps. Plus, we offer convenient shipping options in different sized containers that arrive right to your door!

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