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BJ’s Raw Premium Cat Food is considered a complete meal with the correct ratios of Meat 85%, Bone 5%, and Organs 10%. BJ’s Raw Premium Cat food does not have any supplements added so if feeding long term it is recommended to add Fresh Goat Milk from grass-fed goats for a long healthy life. BJ’s Premium Cat Food is for all life stages.

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safe ingredients
Safe Ingredients Only
Safe Ingredients Only
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Shipped Frozen
Shipped Frozen
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Spill Proof Containers
Spill Proof Containers

Nutritional Analysis

Calories1809 kcal/kg
Carbohydrates<0.50 g/100g
Dry Matter26.8%
Crude Protein17.9%
Crude Fat6.79%
Crude Fiber<0.10%

Safe Ingredients

BJ’s Premium Raw Cat Food is a blend of beef, chicken, bone, chicken organs, turkey, turkey organs, & fish.

premium cat mix 4
raw dog food from lancaster county pa farm

Ethically Sourced From Nature to Dish

Our meats come from grass feed animals from local farms that raise animals for BJ’s Raw Pet Food. We don’t save any of the good cuts for ourselves, we use the whole animal for food. We do our own processing here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food so it is done quick and humane. Frozen quickly to preserve all nutrients. Delivered frozen to your door.

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Veterinarian Approved!


BJ’s Raw Pet Food is used and approved by Veterinarians! Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Ian Billinghurst says about feeding your dog raw pet food.

13 reviews for Cat Food – Premium

  1. Sara Wenzel (verified owner)

    Both of my cats are 17 years old and been on kibble their whole lives. I recently started them on raw and they love it. People are amazed that I could get my cats to change to raw so easily, but I honestly think this is the best raw cat food.

  2. Matthew Carr (verified owner)

    My cats love this food
    Timely shipping and nice packaging too along with excellent ingredients.

  3. Yuliya Yakhontova (verified owner)

    I am very grateful for this super high quality healthy food for him. Thank you.

  4. Julia Parrish (verified owner)

    I have 3 senior cats and have tried raw before but they are all so picky and just wasted it. Not BJ’s. All 3 cats love it and can’t get enough

  5. Jonathan Wiggins (verified owner)

    Best raw food I could find! My 5 cats are doing great on it, two F1 Safari Cats, 3 Highland Lynx cats. I breed them and I’m going to keep ordering from BJ’s. Great shipping also!

  6. Jaclyn Swain (verified owner)

    I have an incredibly picky cat and another cat who will eat nearly anything. I have tried ridiculous amounts of different types of cat food to make my picky cat happy, but he never ends up liking any of them. This cat mix actually makes him happy! Seriously, he’s much more playful than he’s been in a while. My other cat loves it just as much, so I highly recommend.

  7. Twan Jones (verified owner)

    It’s the only cat ????food they will eat

  8. Jonathan Wiggins (verified owner)

    Great service and the cats love it so much, I had to increase my order! They are doing well on it and it sure is nice not having to mix my own raw cat food. BJ’s raw premium cat food is the only raw meat diet I trust and it’s a very good price and quality!

  9. Jonathan Wiggins (verified owner)

    Great Raw Premium Cat Food! The cats love it so much, I had to up my order! Great service and came over here to Oregon just fine! I’m on the every 2 weeks delivery schedule, as I don’t want to forget to order.

  10. Karen Lakes (verified owner)

    These 3 exquisite felines are age 10 and 2 of them, 1 year old. Raw is the only way to feed and this is simply the best food in my opinion. I’ve made raw for both cats and dogs myself, it is time consuming and expensive. BJs had made life better for us all and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you.

  11. Irina Campbell (verified owner)

    My cats fighting over this raw food and so is our puppy. The best food ever.

  12. Jennifer Kirwan (verified owner)

    My kitten Sire absolutely loves his food so much that he makes sounds whole eating it! I feel good that he’s eating really great quality food! Super great company. I will be buying on a regular.

  13. Kelly Miller (verified owner)

    It has been a challenge to find a raw food mix that is balanced and approved for my cats. Well..the search has ended!! They both are fed raw, one lil girl with medical needs. I would have known if the food had any ingredients that were not listed, because her system would have left evidence in the litter pan. The first meal was a complete success! Well packed and still frozen upon arrival.

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