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BJ’s Raw Premium mix for dogs and puppies is freshly ground whole chicken, bone, beef, tripe, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, pork, spleen, liver, kidney & Veggie Blend. Veggie blend ingredients vary according to what is currently in season.

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safe ingredients
Safe Ingredients Only
Safe Ingredients Only
shipped frozen
Shipped Frozen
Shipped Frozen
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Spill Proof Containers
Spill Proof Containers

Nutritional Analysis

Calories1565 kcal/kg
Carbohydrates<0.50 g/100g
Dry Matter29.2%
Crude Protein15.3%
Crude Fat8.98%
Crude Fiber0.30%

Safe Ingredients

BJ’s Raw Premium mix for dogs and puppies is freshly ground whole chicken, bone, beef, tripe, Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon, pork, spleen, liver, kidney & Veggie Blend.

puppy mix 2
raw dog food from lancaster county pa farm

Ethically Sourced From Nature to Dish

Our meats come from grass feed animals from local farms that raise animals for BJ’s Raw Pet Food. We don’t save any of the good cuts for ourselves, we use the whole animal for food. We do our own processing here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food so it is done quick and humane. Frozen quickly to preserve all nutrients. Delivered frozen to your door.

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Veterinarian Approved!


BJ’s Raw Pet Food is used and approved by Veterinarians! Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Ian Billinghurst says about feeding your dog raw pet food.

84 reviews for Premium Mix

  1. Barbara Wilson (verified owner)

    An excellent source of nutrients with a great taste that’s all natural and my dogs love. Packaging was sufficient as all my food arrived frozen and not a container was damaged. I’m very impressed.

  2. erika.evanko (verified owner)

    I have been feeding my lab this mix for the last few years. I like the packaging over other raw I have bought. Stacks well and makes it easy to portion out meals. I’ve never had an issue with the food and Irvine still loves it… I mean LOVES it! And I love that it’s well balanced and keeps him healthy. The customer service is exceptional as well, any time I have a request it’s handled quickly and with kindness. Irvine and I highly recommend!

  3. Christel (verified owner)

    After making my own raw food for a couple of years, I was so happy to find this company! I no longer have to spend so much time shopping for ingredients, prepping, and worrying about whether I’m feeding enough variety for proper nutrition. And guess what? The dogs LOVE IT! Even my finicky border collie was going around licking the kitchen floor after his first taste of this stuff. I would highly recommend BJs Raw Food to anyone who’s interested in going raw. I’m sure your pets will thank you!

  4. Carmen DANLEY (verified owner)

    I wanted to put my dogs on raw food, my oldest schnauzer was getting pancreatitis from the kibble, vet said raw diet was the way to go. Making it myself was stressful. Worried I didn’t ha e what they needed. Then I for BJ’s. They answer all my questions quickly!!!! I know the dogs get what they need now and doing great health wise now!!! I owe it all to BJ’s Raw!!! I will recommend them them to all my customers!!(I have a grooming shop)

  5. Michael Melvin (verified owner)

    We been feeding our German Shepherd puppy the premium mix since he was 8wks old. Our 13yr old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever also eats and loves the premium mix. The delivery time is the best in the raw pet food business hands down. I’d like to be able to see a nutritional breakdown on the food though.

  6. Katerina Renner (verified owner)

    My husband and I have never ordered raw food before, so we weren’t sure what to expect. We received our order of 5 gallons of the premium mix. The packaging was perfect and kept everything frozen. Our Golden Retriever, Berkeley has had two days of the mix so far and she loves it! I’ve noticed she’s got a lot more energy, especially when we prep her meals shes right there wagging her tail and jumping with excitement. Very excited to see how this will help her skin as she has an overgrowth of yeast. Thank you BJ’s for providing quality species-appropriate food for our Golden girl!

  7. Kimberly Hillen (verified owner)

    Our 4 year old American dingo has been on this food for about 3 years. She is still excited for every meal and is very healthy. Her teeth are clean, gums healthy, energy is high and her coat is always a shiny golden/red. This brand gives you the best ingredients at this price point and we will be lifelong customers. Thank you for a great product!

  8. jjp0813 (verified owner)

    I have a female boxer and she was was always picky about food and wouldn’t eat unless we put something in it. She also had bright red paw in between her toes and always licked her paws raw. I did a lot of research and I came across BJs Farm and gave there food a try. After a week her paws were normal and she eats everything without a problem and doesn’t lick all the time. Her coat is softer and she acts more like a puppy even though she is 6.

  9. Sekayla richardson (verified owner)

    We are super happy with the premium mix!! We love that BJ’s is local to us!! Milo my German Shepard licks the bowl clean every time and looks forward to a mid day raw rib bone to enjoy as a snack. The price is fair and I love knowing exactly what goes into it and that he’s getting the right amounts of what he needs every meal. Plus he’s starting to thicken up which is really good because he was feeling skinny and his spine was prominent and now after two weeks of eating the premium mix he is back on track and happy!!

  10. Laura Guld (verified owner)

    We tried this brand on the advice of our breeder & have been very happy with the quality of this raw food. We have 2 GSD’s ages 7 & 9 months, they both are eager to eat at every meal! One is quite finicky but loves the premium mix. Our boys look amazing & are thriving on this food. Customer service is wonderful & very prompt in response to any issues that arise. Thanks for making such an outstanding & affordable raw food option!

  11. Samantha Van Thiel (verified owner)

    The good:
    1. I love the packaging that it is sent in.
    2. I love that it is premixed and full of good stuff.

    The bad:
    1. It smells horrible. Like, wash my hands with soap three times and they still smell after handling the product.
    2. My dogs won’t eat it.

  12. mickeyf1 (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely love the premium mix. We bought 20 quart boxes and will be buying more.

  13. mickeyf1 (verified owner)

    This is a good and healthy treat for your fur babies.

  14. Catherine Samara (verified owner)

    My 6yo American Bully (Leo) has had a life full of various health issues (allergies, skin infections, flank alopecia), weight problems (prescribed diet food) and has been on daily medications (allergies, anti-yeast, melatonin/hair growth). I’ve been researching raw food for awhile and am so happy I found BJ’s Raw food, their price and quality simply doesn’t compare to other brands. The Premium Mix is exactly what I would feed Leo if I prepped his meals by hand. BJs makes it so much easier by trusting their BARF ratios and all I have to do is weigh out Leo’s meals.

    He’s been happily eating the Premium Mix since 6/10/20, so far I’ve seen an improvement in his activity, fur growth, shiny coat, and allergies! His paws continuously had yeast infections but it appears to be going away, he must have had food allergies my Vet and I had yet to find out.

    I’m so happy with BJ’s raw food that I’ve told all my friends who love their fur-babies. The only regret I have is not finding BJ’s raw food sooner, but at least I have a peace of mind knowing Leo will live the rest of his life to the fullest! I’m a firm believer that natural food is best for all humans/dogs, I’ve witnessed the changes in Leo and can’t wait to see how he looks/acts many months from now.

  15. Breanna McConnell (verified owner)

    My girls love this food! One was overweight and immediately went down to her natural weight, both dont have itching skin anymore, both girls were struggling with severe diarreah with any kind of “natural kibbles” out there. This food saved them from a lifetime of health issues! So glad to have found this company!

  16. Patricia Pedrick (verified owner)

    I am new to feeding raw food and my puppy loves it. She is growing like and weed and thriving.

  17. Ketevani Mekvevrishvili (verified owner)

    my boy is very picky eater and he liked premium mix . I like their customer service too. Highly recommend it.

  18. Patrick English

    We were so excited to find BJs. Other raw dog food just wasn’t right and we could make our own with everything our Tucker needed. We found BJs, tried it and Tucker has been loving it ever since. He is healthier and happier and we are thrilled! Thanks so much for your help. We are customers for life.

  19. LeeAnn Dougherty (verified owner)

    My dogs Love the premium mix! , and I really like the container it came in!Will order from them now on. Thanks, ????

  20. LeeAnn Dougherty (verified owner)

    Premium mix my dogs love! ordering from you again, also like the containers. Thanks!????

  21. Izabelle Wells (verified owner)

    I just got my first shipment of the premium mix and my dog is in love. If you aren’t looking for a hassle when portioning out the meat go with the smaller tubs. I got a 5 gallon and underestimated the challenge of thawing it out. Nonetheless I’ll be purchasing this product routinely!

  22. Kate Mullett (verified owner)

    I have been buying BJs for a year now and my dogs thrive on it. It is so nice being able to buy the premium with organic vegetables and high-quality meat. It is extremely important to me that I am feeding top quality food to my dogs and BJs makes that possible. Every single shipment of 200lbs of dog food has arrived frozen and intact.

  23. Mario Kroll (verified owner)

    Been feeding this great mix to my 3 pups. Usually, with another raw food provider, there are at least 1-2 days a week where at least one of the dogs refuses to eat. Not so with this great mix from BJ’s. I have a super picky 10-year old husky mix, a semi-picky 4-year old Newfoundland mix, and an 8-month old English Bulldog and all three can’t wait for breakfast or dinner now. Just me getting the bowls situated on the counter gets them queued up.

  24. Terri Kleen (verified owner)

    I am SO glad I found this company! My babies can’t wait to get fed. I have the peace of mind knowing what all is in their food. I add a little extra as a treat. I HIGHLY recommend this company! If your looking for a holistic diet….this is the place to be!

  25. Grace Shen (verified owner)

    I have several dogs both big and small and the big ones are very picky eaters who usually will only eat big chunky meaty parts and bones. They all ate the food up! I love the ingredients they put in this mix with the extras being of such great quality and healthy things that were well thought up to add in. Also, the containers are great as they keep the blood in so the mix is super moist and no need to add water as a lot of companies have plastic bags that always leak and the blood is all gone then. Very happy to have tried this and will continue to order!

  26. Stephanie Drushel (verified owner)

    We have been very impressed with BJ’s! Love the 10lb. tub – no more messy individual packaging or cutting of portions. Price is great and shipping is fast!

  27. Jacob Osceola (verified owner)

    Have been feeding BJs food for just over a year. Bulk tubs make it convenient to feed 10 dogs. Always looks and smells fresh, even my super picky pups love it. Great customer service. Thanks for a great food for my kids…

  28. James Poree (verified owner)

    I received my 5 gallon bucket of food and I must say this food is something serious! Thanks for the bowl! My American bully loves this food

  29. Kelly Nitti (verified owner)

    Received our order a few days ago and divided the batches needed daily for my 100 pound mixed breed dog. He took to it pretty well and seems to be excited about meal time daily now. Customer service is great too. They answered my numerous questions promptly!!

  30. Nikki Ondek (verified owner)

    Started my rottie puppy on a fresh, cooked food blend and began to transition to raw. She absolutely loves this premium mix! Thank you for a blend that I know is completely balanced for her being a large breed pup. I know she is getting what she needs to grow healthily. She loves the chicken necks and beef rib bones as well! I also love that you are right here in PA!

  31. Bryan Roberts (verified owner)

    My girl Stella loves the premium mix food!! This company has knocked it out of the park. Thank you.

  32. Joanna Burress (verified owner)

    My dogs absolutely go nuts for this deliciously smelly blend (mmmmm, tripe!) Their coats are shiny and they are lean and healthy. I am amazed at the speed in which BJ’s gets this delivered to me. The second I click the order button, within an hour it is shipped and on my door step two days later. I even had an issue with the delivery service once (UPS), and BJ’s had my new order shipped out at lightening speed. I am thrilled with the quality of this food and that they use grass fed animals. I hope they always continue to keep their high standards. I recommend this company to all my friends with animals.

  33. Elizabeth Harney (verified owner)

    Daisy is an approximately 7 year old Poodle Bichon Mix. Fairly picky eater. She was having loose stool and her blood levels indicated possible pancreatitis after a few months on Blue Buffalo canned. She would not eat the prescription diet. My groomer suggested BJ’s Raw. I chose the Premium Mix because it is nutritionally complete. She loves it! After one week she now has normal stool that is reduced in volume. Anxious to see what other positive changes are observed with her change in diet. She loves the freeze dried beef heart treats, too. Will give her a trachea this weekend.

  34. Jaclyn Swain (verified owner)

    My two puppies love this blend! They can’t get enough. I have tried multiple different raw foods for my pets and BJ’s has the foods that all of them devour, plus the shipping is amazingly quick. I will be a customer for the life of my pets.

  35. william ludovina (verified owner)

    I have a cane corso that just love it . I have been feeding bj raw for 3 month. I feed kibbles in the morning and raw at night. he is to big at 140 at least he get some raw in his diet.

  36. Debra Brockett (verified owner)

    Come over to my house around feeding time!

    We have 3 border collies. They know the meaning of the word “lunchbox.” (command for their food bowls) Last month we switched to Raw Food. If you say “lunchbox” at my house, three bodies go into ALERT mode, the heads cock back and forth, the ears go into overdrive…. and it is a RACE to the kitchen. Six eyes and three noses watch every move as their bowls are filled. I have never seen such behavior from them (9 years for the oldest boy).

    Their personalities have also changed. They are brighter-eyed and active. (even the old-man dog). Their coats are shiny. Their poop is significantly smaller with no smell!

    I have tried 3 different raw food companies. The three border collies agree: It’s a BJ WIN.

    Thank you for making excellent food for our family!

  37. Elesha Pledger (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeding my 20 week puppy this mixture since she was 9 weeks old. She’s growing beautifully and evenly. She loves the food and is excited at every feeding. I’ve always supplemented raw treats due to the expense of a full raw diet but this is affordable and already balanced. I love the containers, they stack nicely in my chest freezer. They ship to me in Missouri in 4 days and are still frozen solid…my shipment got delayed during a winter storm and didn’t make it to me for 7 days and they were still frozen—the insulated shipping boxes are excellent.
    I buy 8-10lbs containers every order and will be purchasing larger quantities when I upgrade my deep freeze.

  38. Tammy Smith (verified owner)

    Was feeding my dogs grain free canned food, and they liked it. but I want to feed them the best, seen the link on a Boxer site, and ordered , My boxer and other dogs love the food, and eat it all . I have enjoyed feeding them raw , you can’t go wrong

  39. Olivia Millard (verified owner)

    My dog is a 15lb terrier mix and she absolutely loves this food. I ordered the 10 gallon premium mix. It arrived fast, frozen, and fresh. We gave my dog her flea medication and allergy supplements but she was still scratching herself. After feeding her the Premium Mix, her scratching has stopped. She is so happy after eating, too!

    Side note: I had also ordered liver treats but they didn’t arrive. I contacted customer support and they responded so fast! They were friendly and fixed the issue immediately. My experience with BJs has been nothing short of pleasant!

  40. Lori Higgins (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot of raw food but was never thrilled. This food is fantastic according to the reactions of my 4 dogs! It’s a bit pricey to feed exclusively , especially to big dogs so I alternate with some home cooking. My fussy Lucy jumps in the air and cries now when it’s feeding time!

  41. Annie Jeon (verified owner)

    I have a 9yr old Jindo Dog ( known as very picky when it comes to food).
    She never waiting for food but this time she was sitting in front of her food bowl and looking at me until I prepare her food! Thanks to BJ’s Raw! Choosing a right food for the dog can be very difficult and I feel like I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I ordered Premium Mix and I got it really fast. The box was well packaged. BJ’s raw is trustworty business and they really care their customers. I definitely recommend it!

  42. Diana Davis (verified owner)

    What can I say other than this is the BEST quality raw meat and vegetable blend I’ve ever given my dogs, we’ve tried several different brands prior to BJ’s. My senior dog and puppy Absolutely LOVE it. No leftovers in their bowls. Literally, the food gets scarfed!

  43. Elizabeth Harney (verified owner)

    My 7 1/2 year old poodle mix was having diarrhea for a few weeks. Her bloodwork indicated possible issues with her pancreas. The veterinarian recommended a Hill’s Prescription Diet. Daisy wanted nothing to do with that! I fed her chicken and rice to control the diarrhea, but I knew that was not balanced for her nutritional needs. My groomer recommended B.J.’s Raw. I’m feeding her the Premium Blend. Her issues disappeared after two days. She is producing a very small amount of very solid stool as she is digesting and absorbing more of the food. We just started month three. She’s doing fabulous. Great for her coat, teeth, everything! I’d rather pay more for her food and less on veterinary bills for poor health. This is what nature intended canines to eat! Highly recommend.

  44. Anna Schneider (verified owner)

    Service and shipping is great. Our puppy gobbles every morsal. It feels good knowing she is starting her life with a high quality raw diet

  45. Jackie Brown-Allen (verified owner)

    My St Berdoodle has been on BJ’s Premium Mix for 3 months now; she’s 5 months. Prior to that, she was on it’s puppy blend. She stands right at my feet while I’m prepping her food & devours it as soon as I place her bowl down! Her poop is perfect & she poops no more than 2x a day; she’s fed 3x daily. She has not had any gas or other gastrointestinal issues. Her fur is indescribably soft!! And she has absolutely no bad breath! This household couldn’t be happier with BJ’s Raw ♥️

  46. Gale Gilbert (verified owner)

    We like the fact that we can feed our dogs a natural, wholesome product and I really do believe we are seeing positive results already after a week. Our 8 year old mini Aussie has more spunk and energy and his horrendously bad breath is almost gone. The only downside is getting them to eat it. Even our 9 month old yellow Lab (who will eat anything that can’t outrun her) wasn’t sure about it at first but is slowly warming up to it. The real problem is our mini Aussie who is a picky eater to begin with. The only way I can get him to eat it is to cook it which prevents him from getting all the benefits of this food. My hope is that I can cook it less and less each time and eventually get him to eat it raw. If you have any suggestions to help with this we would appreciate it. We will continue to feed this to our dogs even if I have to cook it for the older guy because we believe it is a superior food.

  47. Julieta Bustos (verified owner)

    Very good

  48. Julieta Bustos (verified owner)

    My dog loved

  49. LeeAnn Dougherty (verified owner)

    My dogs love thier raw meat ! It also takes care of itchy allergies. Never kibble again! My dogs have been on a raw diet for a couple of years now.????????

  50. Leslie (verified owner)

    My dogs can be picky, and were very challenging when starting raw. And now even when I change up protein they can be stubborn after 4 years on raw. I recommend to offers with refusing canines– Adding sardines or goat cheese, my girls gobble up without a thought if you add something they can’t deny. Even if they stick up their nose and walk away at first. Also adding warm water to create room temperature, just a splash. Anyway ***** This food is consistent with texture which is a huge help. Wear gloves if a utensil isnt successful. I’m a vegetarian and never had a smelly hand issue.

  51. Joe DeChellis (verified owner)

    Am a former Police K 9 Officer, Handler/Master trainer. Also assigned by the Dept. of State in the same capacity in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Attached to the Green Berets/Special forces 7th and 3rd Groups at a FOB…Forward Operating Base.
    I am currently the Trainer for a Security SRT (Special Response Team) Training
    Working Dogs in Dual Purpose disciplines. Both Explosive Detection and Patrol/Protection. With over 40 years experience and providing for my family solely in the “World of Canines” training hundreds of dogs both Working and families.
    Raw is the “way to go” for ultimate health and nutrition. One question?……
    “What should I feed my fur family”? Only one answer….B J’s Raw! Eons of story!!
    “Dog World

  52. Joe DeChellis (verified owner)

    Heading “Simply Irresistible “ submitted by Joe D. Master K 9 Trainer

  53. Christine Casper (verified owner)

    My 100 lb German Shepherd devoured his food. I noticed that his fur is looking shinier and his poop is very healthy which is super important! Love this product!

  54. Lisa Peacock (verified owner)

    My 2 chihuahuas looooove BJ’s raw! Their coats are super soft and they are very energetic. My girls are 1 yr old and 8 months old and have been eating BJ’s raw since i got them at 6 weeks old. Highly recommend BJ’s raw!

  55. Noel Collier (verified owner)

    This is my first order of BJ’s and my Brahma Bullies are loving it. I converted them to a RAW diet due to yeast infections, hair loss, and constant itching as well as ear infections. It has been very slow going and I’ve been learning! lol

    First thing I learned the hard way is: Yes, I can buy all the necessary meats, bones, veggies & fruits, and I can spend an hour or more hacking stuff up and mixing it with tumeric and Organic MCT oil. But, even fresh, fresh, cannot be stored for more than four days before it just doesn’t look or smell fresh. Cost: $150 per week, and there’s no way to get your time back, because it takes hours to properly sterilize your kitchen and tools!

    Started shopping for human quality fresh: It can be found but can I still eat and pay my bills? Pretty close to NOT! Inconvenient in large loaf bags and once again, I have to figure out storage after I’ve defrosted the bags. EXPENSIVE!!

    GF suggests Ollie because it’s only slightly cooked. Looked good, smelled good, I figured I could share it with the dogs in a pinch! But no. Two weeks into the food and the kids were itching and scratching AND throwing up. Back to the search…
    Found BJ’s after two days of searching online, comparatively shopping for not only price, but quality of product, and couldn’t believe they were really producing something this healthy for a cost that allows me and the FurryTwo to eat healthy and well. OH, and THEY CAN’T WAIT TIL I OPEN THE CONTAINER! Soooo

    THANK YOU BJ’s for an amazing, high quality, healthy product, and I love the 10 pound tubs that seal beautifully and fit perfectly in my freezer and fridge.

  56. Gale Gilbert (verified owner)

    This is an update to a review I posted back in June. We have an 8 year old male Mini Aussie and an 11 month old female Yellow Lab. The old guy has been a picky eater his whole life but feeding this with a little bit of kibble for crunch hits the sweet spot for him; he doesn’t come up for air until his bowl is empty. The puppy has always eaten well but she goes nuts over this too. The best part however is how they look and act. The Aussie has way more energy than before and both their skin and coats are soft and shiny and their breath smells much better also. I strongly recommend this for the health of your pet.

  57. Stefanie Bauman (verified owner)

    Both dogs love their BJs. I had to supplement with some freeze dried food because I ordered too late in the week and both pooches were not thrilled. Consistent great quality.

  58. Sandra Lyons (verified owner)

    My fur babies really enjoyed it bowls are empty (spot clean) omg! I hope dinner will be the same. I’ve tried making my own, got tired of doing it, threw away a lot of food, got expensive trying different cans and dry kibbles.

    I’m happy I found your company because you have a huge variety (chicken a staple) so I’m pleased to try different meats on my fur babies. THK U BJ’S

  59. Kathleen Stephenson (verified owner)

    Wow just an amazing blend, my Aussie devours her serving. Very easy containers to disturbed portions you desire.

  60. Joan Cromer (verified owner)

    Just started my almost 2 year old bichon frise, Amazing Grace, on the Premium Blend and she LOVES it! I had 2 other bichons previously that I fed homemade raw but it just got too hard to do, so I had been feeding another commercial raw dog food. A friend recommended BJ’s and I’m glad she did! I do wish you had 1 lb tubs available. Great customer service, friendly and informative! Thanks!

  61. Easton Cason (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeding my pup raw since 7 weeks old, it has been quite an experience, but a great one! I’ve been making my own mix for him but gosh it’s sooo time consuming! I bought this mix to see if he loved it like I hoped he would, so I could feed this between me making my own mix for him. Let me tell you!! He loves it soo much! I might just start buying this in bulk for him. It has everything he needs, I hope this store stays in business for MANY MANY more years to come! My pup is a 5 month old Bully Pit, if you’re thinking of starting your dog on this mix, PLEASE do, no matter what breed you have! They will love it, and you will love it bc it has all the nutrients they need that other dry and can foods do not have. TRUST THIS PRODUCT!!

  62. Robert SULLIVAN (verified owner)

    The first high end subscription dog food I fed my picky dog was NomNomNow. Many times I had to add toppers in order for him to eat it; and many times he straight up refused to eat NomNom. After NomNom, I switched him to Darwin’s, and he ate it every time up until yesterday > The first time I fed him the BJ’s premium mix, he took a minute to sniff it because it was something new to him. Once he took his first bite, he never looked back. I still have some of Darwin’s Raw dog food left over, so I’ve been feeding him half Darwin’s and half BJ’s. Every single meal he has eaten BJ’s first, and then Darwin’s second; and yesterday, after he finished BJ’s, he refused to eat the Darwin’s portion ????

  63. Alicia Cluff (verified owner)

    I have three dogs and they are all extremely very picky eaters. Did my research and this was the best I could find and affordable. Each morning and evening they are literally jumping all over waiting for their portion. Before it was begging them to eat. Their coats are beautiful and a weird dog smell they were having (even with being shampooed and bedding washed)has disappeared. I totally recommend this company.

  64. Rich Aull (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeding my dogs commercial raw food for the last few years, it was called Raw Bites from Instinct. Years ago I couldn’t find a raw food distributor that was cost effective so had to go with a subpar national brand…until I found BJs! They’re only 3 hours from me here in PA and the quality is fantastic. The meat has a much better consistency, appearance, and smell than the other stuff I was feeding. Most importantly though is my girl Bella gobbles it up! The other huge plus for me is the 2lb containers. I feed Bella half pound twice per day, so it’s easy to just divide each container into 4 servings. They’re also easy to stack and store in our freezer. While I prefer this premium mix without having to include any supplements I appreciate the wide selection. So many different protein sources to choose from! I also love the idea of supporting local farmers and getting quality food at a fair price. The other great thing is the free shipping when ordering over a certain amount–that saves a lot. As a bonus BJs included a free stainless steel dish with my order. I actually feed my girl off of paper plates and just throw them out after each meal (no worries about disinfecting a bowl each day) but the thought meant a lot to me and was much appreciated. I can’t recommend BJs enough!

  65. Kai-Ara Kennels (verified owner)

    We have been using BJs for a year now. We’ve tried the Basic Mix and Premium Mix. Our kiddos like both but I prefer the Premium since I do not have to add anything. I still like adding a tiny bit of the Earth Animal Daily Raw because it smells so good and I like the added gut benefits. Our oldest used to be so picky and would often starve himself even though we’d tried all sorts of kibble and fresh. Since changing to BJs he cleans his bowl in less than 5m and is a nice healthy weight. Their clean teeth and gums are an added benefit. Overall excellent choice!

  66. Kathryn Varner (verified owner)

    Previously, I transitioned my Havanese from kibble to a freeze dried raw diet, but when checking percentages on the package, it seemed that the fat content on that product was quite high. I had been considering switching to BJ’s, finally gave it a try, and am glad I did. She loves this food (bowl is licked clean in a flash) and I love the 2 lb. package for a small dog. Raw food is expensive, but BJ’s is reasonably priced by comparison. It doesn’t cost any more per month than I was paying before. I’m glad to support a business with a conscience, and am delighted with the quality of this product.

  67. Yvonne Stanton (verified owner)

    My 5 month old mixed breed pup, loves the premium mix. He loves it so much that he licks the bowl clean and asks for seconds. The food came frozen and I was able to separate and package it easily. Switching my pup to raw food has made him much happier. He doesn’t stare at his bowl and walk off without eating, anymore. Thank you so much!

  68. Yvonne Stanton (verified owner)

    My pup was at a point that I had to bribe him with sardines or other cooked meats to get him to ear his kibble. Now he eats the premium mix with no issue. He licks his bowl clean and wants seconds. Since switching him to raw foods his demeanor is happier. He watches me make his food with eager eyes. The food arrives frozen and I’m easily able to separate and package it for later feedings. Thank you so much for making delicious dog food!

  69. Jennifer Pettibone (verified owner)

    My dogs love it! My picky sheepadoodle won’t eat any other raw food brand!

  70. Sherrie Puzak (verified owner)

    I love the quality of this food as well as the container. I feed show dogs from babies to seniors and all are doing well on it.

  71. PAMELA KAUFFMAN (verified owner)

    I have been feeding BJ’s raw premium mix to my puppy since I brought him home and switched him to raw from kibble. I have always used a combination of homemade raw and raw food coop products and the premium mix is so convenient and my pup loves it! I also started ordering the smaller 2 lb containers for my 12 year old fur baby and he cleans the bowl! Superior product!

  72. Teresa Brunson-Phinnessee (verified owner)

    My dog was broke out all over. he was on medications taking shots, taking pills.. the vet said that he had allergies. yeah right, allergies he had diarrhea all the time he ate grass all the time he threw up all the time I was ready to put him to sleep because he was so sick, hair shedding, loosing weight, I changed his shampoos patches everywhere bumps everywhere I tried so many different foods all the way up to prescription foods and nothing worked until I tried the BJ raw dog food It saved my dog’s life. He’s gained his weight back his whole body cleared up. His coat is pretty again. BJ Premium gave my dog back his life!

  73. Jamie Dawson (verified owner)

    I’m new to raw and I was trying to do it myself but I was worried my Andre wasn’t getting all the necessary nutrients he needed and I came across this site. Shipping was delayed which was a annoying but once I received it and gave it to him he inhaled it. Getting a pre made raw which was a reasonable price that was a complete meal is amazing. He’s been eating it for a few days and I already see a difference. Less smelly poos, he’s breath is better and he stopped chewing up he’s paws!! I love this mix.

  74. Sophia Voines (verified owner)

    Charlie has done really well with this food. He couldn’t wait to eat. The last 2 months he has lost interest , I think there’s probably a vegetable in there he doesn’t like. He’s been so healthy that I’m ok with him being picky. Hopefully whatever is in there will change and he’ll get excited about it again

  75. Danielle Johnson

    Love love the containers!! Makes it very easy. My dogs (6 Shar Pei and 2 chi/poodles) seem to be loving it!!! Can’t wait to continue our journey of raw.

  76. Elizabeth Meaney (verified owner)

    I have been preparing my own my raw mix for our dogs and it takes at least 2 days. This premium mix is so perfect, portion it out and we’re done. No chopping up liver, kidneys, making my own vegetable mash, trying to find secreting organs, chopping fish, you don’t have to do any of it and my dog’s love it! Getting ready to order our 2nd batch.

  77. Jana Thurston (verified owner)

    We have a 90 pound German Shepherd and he loves this mix! I love this mix because I don’t have to buy extra additional items to add to his dish, such a money & time saver! We love BJ’s Raw!

  78. Carol Duke (verified owner)

    The Premium Mix checks all the boxes. No additional anything needed. My dog is thriving on this. I have fed at least twenty of the top dry dog foods on the market. They don’t come close to the nourishment that BJ’s Premium Mix provides. I study nutrition and I know that BJ’s is providing everything my dog needs to be his best.

  79. Carol Duke (verified owner)

    BJ’s Premium mix is providing my Captain with the ultimate of nutrition needed to perform in the field and show ring. I’ve fed at least 20 different top dry dog foods. Believe me, Captain is at his peak eating the Premium Mix. Thank you BJ for providing this top dog food in a convenient and fairly priced dog food. I study dog nutrition. This product is packed with everything my dog needs.

  80. olga stepanova (verified owner)

    Great product. Two of my dogs like it . Delivery service excellent.Thank you!!!!!!!

  81. Debra Howard (verified owner)

    First week excited eater. This week no eating! Frustrating. Going to try chicken and tripe.

  82. Erika Serna (verified owner)

    This food is so fresh and such high quality. It is really the only food my picky puppy will eat. I loved the mixed protein and veggie mix! Great Combo

  83. David Berk (verified owner)

    My 4 year old lab has been eating raw since she was 9 weeks old and eating BJ’s for 2.5 years now. BJ’s has supported her robust good health and her ability to excel in the field. If you want your dog to live a happy and wildly healthy life you should feed BJ’s, it’s literally the best you can feed your dog.

  84. Nick Black (verified owner)

    I have a very picky Belgian Malinois. He loves this food though. And I can already see a difference in his coat after a few weeks.

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