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BJ’s Puppy Mix consists of chicken, chicken bone, chicken organs, beef, tripe, spleen, liver, kidney, pork ground extra fine, and goat’s milk. Puppies love it! Makes a Great starter food for weaning puppies off of mom.

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safe ingredients
Safe Ingredients Only
Safe Ingredients Only
shipped frozen
Shipped Frozen
Shipped Frozen
spill proof containers
Spill Proof Containers
Spill Proof Containers

Nutritional Analysis

Calories1581 kcal/kg
Carbohydrates<0.50 g/100g
Crude Protein16.59%
Crude Fat11.77%
Crude Fiber.9%

Safe Ingredients

Made from chicken, chicken bone, chicken organs, beef, tripe, spleen, liver, kidney, pork ground extra fine, and goat’s milk.

turkey mix 1
raw dog food from lancaster county pa farm

Ethically Sourced From Nature to Dish

Our meats come from grass feed animals from local farms that raise animals for BJ’s Raw Pet Food. We don’t save any of the good cuts for ourselves, we use the whole animal for food. We do our own processing here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food so it is done quick and humane. Frozen quickly to preserve all nutrients. Delivered frozen to your door.

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Veterinarian Approved!


BJ’s Raw Pet Food is used and approved by Veterinarians! Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Ian Billinghurst says about feeding your dog raw pet food.

20 reviews for Premium Puppy Blend

  1. Kathleen Williams (verified owner)

    This is 5 stars for the quality of the food, the customer service and shipping!

    We started our new puppy on a raw diet. Our Breader introduced our puppy at 4-5 weeks to it and us to a raw diet. After figuring out how much and how often to feed our new puppy we placed our first order. The folks at BJ’s were a great help as was our Breader. So we have a 5 pound Lhasa Apso puppy and he loves this food. Since he is a young puppy we do mix his food with a tablespoon or 2 of the raw goat’s milk with his food. Our puppy gets so excited at meal times (jumps up and barks and his tail is going crazy)and he finishes his food in less than a minute or 2. We ordered the 10 pound/1 gallon container. It arrived within 3 days and it was frozen. I placed 2 of the 3 in the freezer and the other one in the refrigerator. After 3 days I was able to transfer the 10 pounds between 22 – one cup containers. This allowed a me to order a large quantity to save on shipping and keep it frozen until I need it. According to the information on BJ’s FAQ, it totally okay to defrost once and refreeze. Having the 1 cup portions make it so easy and convenient to pull out one at a time and divide it into the number of portions I need per day. This way I know the food I’m serving my puppy is fresh. The food is truly all natural and fresh. I have no doubt we will be keeping our dog on this food.

  2. Jennifer Mathis (verified owner)

    My puppy loves his puppy mix. The food was fresh and provided everything my growing puppy needs. I had no problem getting him to eat his food unlike the dry kibble we tried . Will purchase again.

    • Leyla Islamova

      We are very happy that he enjoyed his food!

  3. Khisha Pratt (verified owner)

    I switched my 4 month old Bernese Mountain Dog puppy to a raw diet after having to be on antibiotics from a young age due to Giardia on the breeders farm. He struggled with kibble and we had tried numerous brands. He also struggled with diarrhea off and on. He ended up with a skin infection at one point and finally I decided to switch him. I researched a lot before I did this and I knew that with my busy schedule and lack of experience, I should start off with a pre-made mix to make certain that my puppy was getting all that he needed for his growing body. When I had put kibble down or canned wet food, my puppy ate it but not enough of it and he would often leave a lot behind. I measured out the proper amount of raw food for him and he gobbled it up the first time I put it down. HE LOVED IT! He looked for more. He no longer wanted kibble or wet food, he would rather go hungry. I had to switch him completely. Whenever I start getting his food ready, he barks happily! I chose to use the puppy mix because of his early life experience and the kefir that is in this mix. After these two weeks, we will be switching him over to some of the other mixes. This has been better than we hoped for. I love the leak proof containers and the price is very reasonable. Packaging was wonderful. The food arrived promptly and still completely frozen. I could not be happier and neither could my puppy!

  4. Sarah Taylor (verified owner)

    We’ve never fed our dogs raw before, but we wanted to start with our new rescue puppy. After a lot of searching, we knew a premixed blend would make feeding raw possible for us. We started puppy on this puppy blend the very first day we had him, and he is obsessed with it! His foster told us he had been having diarrhea, but we never experienced that with him and we believe it is because we never fed him any of the kibble he was eating. He is very young and under nourished so we also add a splash of goat milk or kefir to the bowl. Once he finishes this puppy blend he will be graduating on to the premium blend. Another thing to note, this food arrived literally one day after I ordered it!! You can’t ask for better service than that. We are huge fans of BJ’s now.

  5. Alison Chamberland (verified owner)

    My puppy loves this food. I love that it is a complete grind and I really enjoy how fast the shipping is. My puppy is growing up strong and healthy.

  6. Colleen Phelps (verified owner)

    We have an almost 4 month old Shetland Sheepdog whose name is Eireann. This is our 3rd Sheltie that we have had over the years and we want to keep her as healthy as possible so we started her on BJ’s Premium Puppy Blend. This little girl goes absolutely bananas when she see’s us pick up her bowl. Her poop is so much firmer on this food than the crap puppy chow the breeder had her on. Her coat and eyes just shine. She is already an active puppy, but when she get’s this extra protein watch out. She runs and weaves around the trees outside as though it is her own obstacle course. This food has made all the difference. The food does not have an odor, she had no problems transitioning over to it. Love the bucket, thank you for the complementary bowl. Our next shipment comes next week, just in time. We feed her a 1/4 cup 3 times daily. We are glad we found you, thank you for what you do!

  7. Heather Leitzke (verified owner)

    My pregnant dog is extremely picky! I knew that I needed to find something that will help her gain weight and store up nutrition for her pregnancy, welping, and nursing. She still has a few weeks to go but she’s finally gaining! This is a huge win for us! It took her a few days of offering her the raw puppy food and feeding her by hand before she finally started enjoying it. Now she looks forward to her feedings and eats every bite!! Thank you so much for the good quality, nutritionally packed food! It’s made a huge difference and will help in the healthy start for our puppies and the recovery of their mama. ♡

  8. Dino Guallpa (verified owner)

    My puppy loves this. It’s the doggy version of catnip! It does have an odor to it, but nothing you can’t or won’t get used to. Thanks for the complimentary bowl as well.

  9. Lindsay Schmitt (verified owner)

    We recently acquired our 5th Australian Shepherd. Having been a raw fed household for nearly 15 years, we’ve tried all the foods out there including making our own. I’m always a bit apprehensive about transitioning puppies and I was on the hunt for a good quality blend to be sure he had the best start possible. I couldn’t be happier with the results! He is absolutely thriving, he dances with excitement for his meals (something he did not do when he came to us on kibble), and he even brings us his bowl hoping for seconds! He’s 14 weeks now and an impressive 26 lbs of growing muscle. Highly recommend! Here’s Phoenix (Copper Hills Rising From The Ashes) looking for breakfast.

  10. Abilene Mosher (verified owner)

    Our puppy used to completely ignore his food no matter what we tried! He would steal our cat’s canned food though. Now we have a good boy that only eats his own food and LOVES it!!!

  11. Abilene Mosher (verified owner)

    Our puppy always turned down his food, no matter what we tried. He was stealing the cat’s canned food, but BJ’s raw diet has made dinner time fun for him! No more thieving from Macaroni, since his siblings (Princess Bagels and Jinx) both have their own raw diets as well. Everyone happily finishes their food now!

  12. Joann Randell (verified owner)

    My new Cavalier King Charles puppy came from a breeder that used your products so I thought it best to continue with what she knew. I’m new to raw but my breeder certainly isn’t so if she trusts BJ’s that was good enough for me. Now, seeing first hand how much my puppy loves her food and watching her grow healthy and strong with a gorgeous, shiny coat I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for providing a healthy, nutritious raw product that I can feel good about. I would love the 5 lb container though!

  13. Ben Gomez (verified owner)

    We switched our 3-1/2 month old Labrador from a premium puppy kibble over to BJ’s Raw Premium Puppy Mix several weeks ago. Wow! She absolutely loves it and so do we. Her stool is consistently solid, smaller, and poops less. She also drinks less water since raw food has lots of moisture naturally. This led to her sleeping through the night much sooner than we expected. We live in CA and the food arrives still frozen solid. Customer service is also top notch. As a new customer, I got a follow up phone call from BJ’s shortly after my first order to see how my experience was and if there was anything else I needed or if I had any questions. Now that’s customer service that you don’t see these days. I plan on serving our dog BJ’s for life!

  14. Victoria Chandler (verified owner)

    I haven’t fed my dogs on kibble for 15+ yrs, but neither was I buying this premium food either! I’d been using an air dried raw food that I believed to be the best option. I wasn’t brave enough to try and provide my furkids with a well balanced homemade raw diet, so was thrilled to find BJ’s when I acquired my new puppy, a Whoodle. I got her at 8wks old and decided to go all in and convert her from the kibble the breeder had used to a fresh, raw diet. She took to it like a champ, so much so that a couple of morning feedings she gobbled down so fast she regurgitated it. We have remedied that! I give her raw goat milk and add some probiotics and earth animal supplement to her food and she is growing like a weed. My vet is very impressed with her progress and development. Plus, this is more economical than the food I was feeding my other dogs. Win, win!

  15. Connie Zempel (verified owner)

    I have dogs ranging in age from 8 week puppies to 4 years old. I bought this originally for the puppies but found all my dogs love it! I try to buy different proteins and mixes and keep rotating them. Love that this has the goat milk right in it!

  16. Terry Melton (verified owner)

    We opened our first container this morning. Kakiri “KK” (9 weeks) ate with gusto until she couldn’t eat anymore.
    I love the containers and that the shipment arrived still frozen to Washington state.

  17. Eriko Stoen (verified owner)

    My 4 months old puppy love Bj’s. He had a dry frisky skin but after fed Bj’s I don’t see frisky any more and his hair is more fluffy. Also their customer service is great! They replied a messages quick and very reliable. Thank you for making our puppies happy!

  18. Shirley Granims (verified owner)

    I just got my first order of BJ raw dog food and my 10 week old cavalier loves it. In the past I’ve just used dry dog food but so many reports and studies are saying it’s all junk and raw is the best for our babies. Thank you for making such nutritious and delicious food. My first order was so easy and it was delivered quickly. I’m a happy puppy Momma!!!!

  19. Shannon Pagdon (verified owner)

    Fantastic food, arrived fast, my puppy loves it!

  20. Victoria Chandler (verified owner)

    My puppy is now 8 months old, but I decided before I picked her up I wanted to feed her the best food I could, to ensure she has everything she needs and nothing she doesn’t. I was very happy to find BJ’s and she has been ready and excited for every meal! My vet has been very impressed with her growth and all of her markers. He predicted she would be @30lbs at a year old and she hit 32lbs of solid muscle at 7 1/2 months. Always arrives quickly and still frozen. My baby is worth it!

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