Stuffed Beef Trachea

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BJ’s Raw Dried stuffed beef trachea is a great, healthy treat that’s chewy & will occupy your dog for hours! Stuffed with smelly delicious green tripe.

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Safe Ingredients Only
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Safe Ingredients

Dried beef trachea stuffed with Green Tripe from local grass-fed cows.

raw dog food from lancaster county pa farm

Ethically Sourced From Nature to Dish

Our meats come from grass feed animals from local farms that raise animals for BJ’s Raw Pet Food. We don’t save any of the good cuts for ourselves, we use the whole animal for food. We do our own processing here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food so it is done quick and humane. Frozen quickly to preserve all nutrients. Delivered frozen to your door.

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Veterinarian Approved!


BJ’s Raw Pet Food is used and approved by Veterinarians! Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Ian Billinghurst says about feeding your dog raw pet food.

1 review for Stuffed Beef Trachea

  1. HEATHER ZELLER (verified owner)

    These things are like the lobster dinner of the doggy word. Super special, super stinky, decadent treat for the goodest girls & boys! My 4 month old gets so excited when she sees one of these coming out for outside treat time!

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