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safe ingredients
Safe Ingredients Only
Safe Ingredients Only
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Shipped Frozen
Shipped Frozen
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Spill Proof Containers
Spill Proof Containers

Nutritional Analysis

Moisture 74%
Dry Matter29.2%
Crude Protein16%
Crude Fat9%
Crude Fiber.2%

Safe Ingredients

BJ’s Raw Ultimate mix is freshly ground whole chicken, bone, beef, pork, tripe, spleen, liver, and kidney.

puppy mix
raw dog food from lancaster county pa farm

Ethically Sourced From Nature to Dish

Our meats come from grass feed animals from local farms that raise animals for BJ’s Raw Pet Food. We don’t save any of the good cuts for ourselves, we use the whole animal for food. We do our own processing here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food so it is done quick and humane. Frozen quickly to preserve all nutrients. Delivered frozen to your door.

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BJ’s Raw Pet Food is used and approved by Veterinarians! Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Ian Billinghurst says about feeding your dog raw pet food.

10 reviews for Ultimate Mix

  1. Carol Miles (verified owner)

    I definitely recommend the ultimate . Cessna 11, Sheba 10, Bonnie & Clyde 8 mo just love it . Cessna has diabetes and the ultimate raw has actually lowered her glucose 20% the vet said. I’m so glad we found BJ’s raw and will be ordering again real soon! Thank you and have Barking good day !!

  2. Brandon Bozsik (verified owner)

    My crew (one missing from pic) absolutely LOVES BJ’s Raw Pet Food. The minute we start opening the portions for each the drool flows. All of my pups started on kibble and we noticed over time that although it was cheaper to feed they just weren’t thriving like we knew they could. Enter BJ’s! A true godsend for all pf them. Their skin, coats and teeth have immensely improved. Even my oldest of 16 years has shown a desire to lick her bowl clean every single time.
    God Bless you all at BJ’s and thank you for a fantastic product that is still cost effective. Keep doing what you do and never compromise.

  3. Ursulla Smayda (verified owner)

    I’ve been feeding raw for 10 years. When we moved to our forever home breaking down close to 280 pounds for a month’s worth of food plus trying to get into a new home was just too much for me. I decided to go with BJ’s just until I got things organized. Our two Mastiffs and Rottie are over the moon for BJ’s! Even made me feel like I was doing something wrong all those years! LOL! They look amazing and literally do circles before I put their food down. Our Rottie has been fighting lymphoma since Feb of 2019. All the chemo she went through really discolored her teeth. Didn’t matter how much bone I gave her nothing seemed to work until BJ’s! Their perfect blend, consistently which is very difficult when you do it yourself, has done the trick! They’re not perfect but they are so much better! Can’t say enough about BJ’s products!!

  4. Terri Kleen (verified owner)

    My Corgis always go crazy at feeding time, but they seemed to get extra excited when they started getting the Ultimate mix. I tried to take a picture of them eating it, but the minute I put the food down, it was gone in seconds! LOL! Doubled my auto order for the next shipment. Meanwhile, Bentley sends his appreciation for the BJ Team for putting out a great product! This was THE ONLY good picture I got.

  5. Stamatia Veneris (verified owner)

    My mini schnauzers have had BJs their whole life (they are now 2 years old), and their new favorites are the Ultimate Mix, and the Turkey mix. They all relish it, and are doing great! The Turkey mix stays bright red even after a couple of days in the fridge, and I like the more bone and more salmon in the Ultimate, as well as adding a seasonal variety to the mix! Thank you BJs, God bless the work you do for our dogs!

  6. Erika Serna (verified owner)

    This food is so fresh and such high quality. It is really the only food my picky puppy will eat. I loved the mixed protein and veggie mix! Great Combo

  7. Cathleen Busch (verified owner)

    Our pampered princess has been eating BJ’s since she was 6 months old.
    It’s interesting, she’s not obsessed with food and she eats only when she’s hungry. (Ok, she adores treats, but not just because they taste good, it’s more of a physiological thing)
    That said, she doesn’t realize just how lucky she is to be eating the best possible diet there is.
    When we visit friends and I try to feed her privately, their dogs go bonkers and sit outside the door begging for a taste. I always bring extra.
    I seriously believe that RAW is the only way to feed your beloved member of the family.
    Heat treated, extruded typical dog foods, (and human foods, think cereal) cause untold health problems.
    If you love your pet and want to enjoy ALL the years you possibly can, why would you feed them junk food?
    Wouldn’t you want to feed them the most natural diet that nature intended?
    I don’t know about you, but losing a beloved pet ranks right up there in terms of loss.
    I believe that all of BJ’S foods exceptional.
    You wouldn’t be reading this review if you weren’t already interested!

  8. David Berk (verified owner)

    My 4 year old lab has been on raw since she was 9 weeks old and eating BJ’s for 2.5 years now. BJ’s supports her robust good health and ability to excel in the field. If you want your dog to live a happy and wildly healthy life you should feed BJ’s, it’s literally the best you can feed your dog.

  9. David Berk (verified owner)

    My 4 year old lab has been on raw since she was 9 weeks old and eating BJ’s for 2.5 years now. BJ’s supports her robust good health and ability to excel in the field. If you want your dog to live a happy, vet-free, wildly healthy life you should feed BJ’s, it’s literally the best you can feed your dog.

  10. Angela McKinsey (verified owner)

    We have ordered 3 times now (4th order will be coming in about 2 weeks). My dogs, Bella (12 – chiweenie) Finn (4 – mini doxie) Letty (9mo – mini doxie), literally dance from the counter across the kitchen until I set their food down! Finn was my picky eater, he started to refuse dry kibble so I switched to cooking for them, that worked for a while & then he started refusing that as well. We had been considering raw for some time but were intimidated by figuring out the proper ratio. In doing yet more research, we happened upon BJ’s raw & haven’t looked back! My only complaint would be the last batch (six – 10lb tubs) seemed to have a lot of bigger chunks of bone, which with my small dogs has been an issue as they play with them rather than eat them! All in all though, we have all been very pleased with the Ultimate Mix and will continue to order!

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