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A Superfood for Your Pet!

BJ’s Beef Tripe is derived from pasture-raised cattle. Beef Tripe is a superfood for dogs and cats of all ages.


Great for Picky Eaters and Pets with Gut Sensitivities

Beef Tripe is naturally packed with digestive enzymes and probiotics and contains healthy fats for appropriate weight gain.


Build and Repair Muscle

Contains essential amino acids that help build and repair your pet’s muscles.


Boost Immunity

Tripe delivers probiotics to supplement your pet’s gut flora. Excellent for use in supporting dogs who’ve had puppies, young pups, or animals recovering from surgery.


*Caution: packed with a strong odor that humans may not enjoy, but dogs will eat up (literally)!

*Gallons are not Pre-portioned*

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Our food is shipped directly from our farm in Lancaster, Pa to all 50 states.

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How to Transition

There are several ways to transition to raw food for your pet depending on your preference and your pet's life stage. Cold turkey transition is best for healthy pets. Alternating meals works well for all dogs, and cats including seniors and pets with digestive sensitivities. All pet owners can also provide random treats as a way of introducing raw food. Learn more about transitioning to raw

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Nutritional Information

Calories 2508 kcal/kg
Carbohydrates <0.50 g/100g
Moisture 73.5%
Dry Matter 26.5%
Crude Protein 12.1%
Crude Fat 8.85%
Crude Fiber 1.38%
Probiotics 4,224,150 CFU/Oz


Beef Tripe, Beef Spleen

Natural Ingredients Only
Natural Ingredients Only
No fillers or additives. Never any hidden ingredients.
Shipped Frozen To Your Door
Shipped Frozen To Your Door
Frozen after processed then shipped to you.
Spill Proof Containers
Spill Proof Containers
Best containers! Convenient and dependable.

Learn How Much to Feed

Feeding raw dog food can be a little overwhelming at first. Where do you start? As you probably guess, what to feed and how much depends on the dog. We created a Feeding Calculator to make this much easier. In additions to learning how much to raw dog food to feed, you will receive helpful meal suggestions with coupons.

How Much Should Your Dog Weigh at its Current Age?
What stage of life is your dog?


Adult Dog

Pregnant/ Lactating Dog

Senior Dog

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Be your dog's hero and start them on raw dog food.

Ethically Sourced From Nature to Pet's Bowl

Our meats come from grass feed animals from local farms that raise animals for BJ’s Raw Pet Food. We don’t save any of the good cuts for ourselves, we use the whole animal for food. We do our own processing here at BJ’s Raw Pet Food so it is done quick and humane. Frozen quickly to preserve all nutrients. Delivered frozen to your door.

Veterinarian Approved

BJ’s Raw Pet Food is used and approved by Veterinarians! Watch the video below to hear what Dr. Ian Billinghurst says about feeding your dog raw pet food.

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Be your dog's hero and start them on raw dog food.

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