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engery from transitioning to raw dog food

The key to transition to raw dog food is understanding how food interacts with their digestive systems.

transition to raw dog food

Transitioning dogs from one type of dog food to another can result in digestive discomfort. This is true with any brand of dog food (including dry dog food). It doesn’t mean that the new dog food is better or worse than the previous one. It just means the gastrointestinal tract isn’t accustomed to the new dog food.

The canine gastrointestinal tract is really at the center of transitioning to raw dog food. When dogs’ ratio of good-to-bad bacteria in their GI tract is in a healthy balance it is called symbiosis. When it is not, it is called dysbiosis.

One of the causes of dysbiosis is improper diet. If your dog has been on a diet of kibbles (processed dog food), then their GI tract may be compromised. Then transitioning to a new food may require a more gradual transition.

Senior dogs that have spent a longer period on processed food may find a quick change in their diet challenging. This is also true for dogs with digestive sensitivities. So, we will discuss approaches that may be more appropriate for the senior and digestive sensitive dogs.

Making the Transition to Raw Dog Food

Which approach should you use? Here is a basic guide. Use this information at your discretion.

Cold Turkey

Healthy Puppies

Healthy Young Dogs

Mixed (We don’t recommend this approach)

Healthy adult dogs

Healthy young dogs

Healthy puppies

Alternating Meals

All dogs (Including seniors and dogs with digestive sensitivities)

Random Treats

All dogs (Including seniors and dogs with digestive sensitivities)

How long is the transitional period?

puppy transition to raw dog food
  • Healthy puppies and young healthy dogs the transition to raw dog food could be as quick as 1-2 days
  • Senior dogs and dogs with a sensitive stomach should take a more gradual approach of 1-6 weeks

Once more tip: Serve your dog’s raw food at room temperature. It will arrive frozen solid. Just store it until you ready to defrost it. This can be done in the container by sitting it in cool water. Don’t microwave the raw food. You can store it in the refrigerator.

Other Beneficial Changes

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